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Antonio Ruggerino Galleria imports Original Vintage Posters from all over the world,they represent all subject matters & date back from 1880's to present day.We have a showroom for your viewing which has all collectable posters framed on the walls.

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For Antonio Ruggerino collecting Original Vintage Posters has been a lifetime hobby. A 1906 masterpiece by famous poster artist Cappiello started his amazing journey into the discovery of this unique Parisian art form. Today Antonio is not only a collector but he also runs a gallery in the heart of Bondi Beach devoted to the Original Lithographic Poster. Dating back to the 1880’s Original Vintage Posters were the main form of advertising with the walls of cafes, subways and billboards covered with grand scale posters. Showing everything from champagne to olive oil, the posters turned the streets of Paris into a living art gallery. This major form of advertising progressed across Europe and influenced America. However this rare collectable never made an impact on Australia and now, 120 years after the style began, Antonio has brought this taste of European culture to the Sydney shores. With a collection spanning from the 1880’s to present day and over 150 different posters, Antonio is quickly becoming Australia’s doorway to an art form that until now has been relatively undiscovered.


Original Vintage Posters date back to 1880 and were the main form of advertising at the time. In France the café was the centre of life. The walls, subways and billboards were covered with grand scale advertising showing everything from champagne to biscuits, turning the streets of Paris into an art gallery. This major form of advertising progressed across Europe and influenced America and Russia. The vintage posters are now gracing walls like fine art and have come to be seen as artistic statements with the rarest one being worth as much as a one-bedroom Manhattan apartment.

Antonio Ruggerino Galleria

Antonio Ruggerino Galleria deals with only Original Vintage Posters sourced and imported directly from Paris and Italy. The posters are all Class (A) condition and the collection consists of pieces from all different decades ranging from the 1880’s to present day.


Original Vintage Posters look incredible on any wall no matter the surroundings. They dress up a room in a way that no other artwork can. It is this unique aesthetic quality that has lead Antonio Ruggerino Galleria to specialise in bringing to life any event. Whether it is a dinner party, cocktail party, trade show, or wedding, the posters are readily available for use and offer a unique look, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.


Whether it is an office space, café, or home, the Original Vintage Posters can be rented from Antonio Ruggerino Galleria. The gallery specialises in turning the bleak and ordinary ambience of a room into a vibrant and pulsating environment.


Artist: Antonio Ruggerino Galleria
Come join us at our gallery in Bondi to celebrate the festive season. Antonio’s entire poster collection will be on show including the new additions direct from Paris.
Date: 03 Dec 2005 - 05 Dec 2005

Artist: A.M.Cassandre and Fix-Masseau, Toulouse-Lautrec, Alphonse Mucha, and Jules Cheret.
The vintage advertising poster market emerged in the late 1870’s with French artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec, Alphonse Mucha, and Jules Cheret dominating the focus of the industry and as it grew so did the selection of collectable poster artists.
Date: 15 Sep 2005 - 15 Dec 2005