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Art Gallery Road
The Domain, Sydney 2000
7 days 10-5

The Art Gallery of NSW is home to many of Australia's best loved works of art and visiting international exhibitions. The Art Gallery of New South Wales is NSW's largest gallery. Please see the exhibitions listings below for details about our events.

Artist: AGNSW
The app enables people to get up close to over 40 Australian iconic works.
Date: 02 Oct 2012 - 02 Dec 2012

Artist: Art Gallery of New South Wales and Bulgari
Art Gallery of New South Wales and Bulgari, the luxury Italian brand, announce an exciting new three-year partnership.
Date: 02 Feb 2012 - 02 Apr 2012

Artist: Picasso
In November 2011, the Art Gallery of New South Wales will host Picasso: masterpieces from the Musee National Picasso, Paris...
Date: 15 Sep 2011 - 15 Nov 2011

Artist: Archibald, Wynne & Sulman Prizes
Archibald Prize 2012 from $50 000 to $75 000 Wynne Prize 2012 from $25 000 to $35 000 Sulman Prize 2012 from $20 000 to $30 000
Date: 13 Sep 2011 - 13 Nov 2011

Artist: Adam Chang
Sydney artist Adam Chang has won the 2011 Archibald People’s Choice Prize for his portrait of acclaimed novelist and academic J M Coetzee.
Date: 16 Jun 2011 - 16 Aug 2001

Artist: David Haines and Joyce Hinterding
David Haines and Joyce Hinterding The outlands 2011, production still. Courtesy of the artists and BREENSPACE, Sydney
Date: 26 May 2011 - 26 Jul 2001

Artist: Various including: Jessica Morgan
Join us this weekend as we open our new floor of galleries, featuring works from the most comprehensive collection of international and Australian contemporary art in the country.
Date: 17 May 2011 - 17 Jul 2011

Artist: Sidney Nolan and the Gleeson O’Keefe Foundation
Gleeson O’Keefe Foundation provide funds to acquire one of the great Australian paintings of the 20th century for the Art Gallery of New South Wales – Sidney Nolan’s First-class marksman, 1946
Date: 31 Mar 2010 - 10 Apr 2010

Artist: To be announced.
Since 1988 the public has voted for their favourite portrait in the Archibald exhibition. The winner of the People’s Choice will be announced on Thursday 20 May, 11am. Both the artist and a lucky voter will be presented with a $1,000 ANZ debit card.
Date: 20 Mar 2010 - 25 Mar 2010

Artist: Edmund Capon
From an entry of some 700 paintings 30 to 35 portraits are generally selected for the exhibition.
Date: 17 Mar 2010 - 27 Mar 2010

Artist: The fourteen artists are Del Kathryn Barton, Andrew Browne, Daniel Boyd, Stephen Bush, Tony Clark, Julie Fragar, Louise Hearman, Fiona Lowry, Nigel Milsom, James Morrison, Alex Pittendrigh, Mary Scott, Megan Walch and Michael Zavros.
Wilderness is the first in a new series of biennial exhibitions supported by the Balnaves Foundation. The first considers painting, the second, photography and the third, contemporary sculpture and installation.
Date: 05 Mar 2010 - 23 May 2010

Artist: Maharaja Bakhat Singh
Our annual Arts of Asia course in 2010 focuses on the outstanding individuals in Asia who have shaped their people’s arts, culture and sense of identity.
Date: 02 Mar 2010 - 02 Jun 2010

Artist: Richard Johnson
Events and exhibitions happening at the AGNSW now.
Date: 01 Mar 2010 - 05 Apr 2010

Artist: Group
Entries for all prizes will be received at the Art Gallery of New South Wales
Date: 01 Mar 2010 - 05 Mar 2010

Artist: Gilbert & George
Gilbert & George share our commitment to art in daily life and art for the public through their concepts of ‘living sculpture’ and ‘Art for All’. John Kaldor, Director, Kaldor Public Art Projects
Date: 14 Feb 2010 - 15 Feb 2010

Artist: Kitagawa Utamaro (1753?-1806)
Whether depictions of high-ranked courtesans, diligent housewives, affectionate mothers or passionate lovers, the prints of Japanese artist, Kitagawa Utamaro (1753?-1806) have delighted audiences for over 200 years.
Date: 13 Feb 2010 - 02 May 2010

Artist: the art of Utamaro
About one third of the 2000 authenticated designs by Utamaro deals with subjects related to the Yoshiwara, the licensed pleasure quarters of Edo (today's Tokyo), including numerous portraits of its courtesans, their teenage attendants and child servants.
Date: 13 Feb 2010 - 02 May 2010

Artist: Mala Mehta and Sadhna Risbud
At 12.30pm, this Sunday 24 January, you are invited to view Indian artist Mala Mehta create a richly colourful 3.6 metre Rangoli at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Date: 24 Jan 2010 - 25 Mar 2010

Artist: Kitagawa Utamaro and Justin O’Brien.
Highlights for 2010 include: the passionate art of Japanese artist Kitagawa Utamaro, the popular regulars Artexpress and Archibald, the first in a new series of contemporary exhibitions, traditional 19th century European works from the John Schaeffer Coll
Date: 01 Jan 2010 - 02 Feb 2010

Artist: Various
See this year's winning portrait by Sam Leach of Tim Minchin alongside 33 finalist works, including portraits of Australian luminaries such as Glenn A Baker, Malcolm Fraser, Andrew Upton, Kate Ceberano and Max Walker. Artists include Adam Cullen, Kevin Co
Date: 01 Jan 2010 - 20 Apr 2010

Artist: Gordon Andrews, Max Dupain, Kerry Dundas, Hal Missingham, Axel Poignant and David Potts.
These photographers were not overtly politically, but primarily engaged with the documentary mode for the fresh approach and vision it offered.
Date: 05 Dec 2009 - 07 Mar 2010

Artist: Primarily catering for secondary school Visual Arts teachers.
Can we adopt a woman- or man-from-Mars attitude in encountering art and culture?
Date: 04 Dec 2009 - 06 Dec 2009

Artist: Vajrayana Bhuddist Traditional Artists
Vajrayana literally means 'adamantine (or impenetrable) path', a reference to the indestructible nature of Buddhahood. Vajrayana Buddhism features a bewildering array of deities and teaches that every sentient being is potentially a Buddha but that human
Date: 01 Dec 2009 - 30 Jan 2009

Artist: Asian Artists
Click above to go through to information about events on Asian Art at the AGNSW.
Date: 01 Dec 2009 - 06 Jun 2009

Artist: Rupert Bunny and Friends
Live music and diary readings in Rupert Bunny: artist in Paris Summer nights with celebrity talks and live music Tatzu Nishi's surreal elevated rooms in front of the Gallery Free Indian dance performance and sari fashion parade School holiday fun wi
Date: 01 Dec 2009 - 28 Feb 2010

Artist: Rupert Bunny
Rupert Bunny (1864–1947) was one of the most successful expatriate artists of his generation. No other Australian artist achieved the critical acclaim that he enjoyed in Paris. An erudite painter of ideal themes, and the creator of the most ambitious
Date: 21 Nov 2009 - 21 Feb 2010

Artist: Rupert Bunny
Rupert Bunny (1864-1947) was an exotic in the history of Australian art.
Date: 21 Nov 2009 - 21 Feb 2010

Artist: Pam Hallandal
The Dobell Prize for Drawing, initiated by the Trustees of the Sir William Dobell Art Foundation, is an acquisitive prize, first awarded in 1993. This year the prize has increased in value to $25,000.
Date: 06 Nov 2009 - 31 Jan 2010

Artist: To Be Announced
The Dobell Prize attracted 649 entries this year. There are 46 finalists. The judge of the 2009 Dobell Prize is Nick Mourtzakis.
Date: 06 Nov 2009 - 21 Jan 2010

Artist: Rupert Bunny, Gordon Andrews, Max Dupain, Kerry Dundas, Hal Missingham, Axel Poignant and David Potts, Tatzu Nishi, Pam Hallandal, The Royal Paintings of Jodhpur,
Special Events, After Hours and other things.
Date: 01 Nov 2009 - 27 Feb 2010

Artist: Mrs. Beryl Whiteley, Amber Wallis
Celebrating eleven years, the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship is open to Australian artists aged between 20 and 30 years.
Date: 10 Sep 2009 - 20 Sep 2009

Artist: Julie Gough, Jonathan Jones, Emily McDaniel, Christopher Hodges, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, Bill Gregory, John Mawurndjul, Vanessa Russ
The Dreamers exhibition celebrates the lives and outstanding work of eight distinguished Aboriginal artists who have contributed significantly to Australia’s cultural landscape through their creative endeavours.
Date: 08 Jul 2009 - 06 Dec 2009

Artist: Group
Central Asian ikats became more widespread from the early 19th century until the first decade of the 20th century with Bukhara, one of the most ancient cities of Uzbekistan, the centre for the various workshops for weavers, dyers, designers, as well as a
Date: 02 Jul 2009 - 11 Oct 2009

Artist: Wim Pijbes, Karel Appel, Constant, Bram Bogart and Willem de Kooning, Fenella Kernebone, Matthys Gerber and Jelle van den Berg, Paul Berkemeier, Gerard Willems, Hendrik Kolenberg, Jeanette Siebols, Jaime Tsai, Bert Haanstra, Alex van Warmerdam, Phil Collins (UK), Cao Fei (People's Republic of China), Gabriella Mangano and Silvana Mangano (Australia), TV Moore (Australia), Lisa Reihana (New Zealand), Mari Velonaki (Australia). Guest curator: Victoria Lynn, Kutuwulumi Purawarrumpatu (Kitty Kantilla), Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, Rusty Peters, Dr David Malangi, John Mawurndjul, Ginger Riley Munduwalawala, Judy Watson and Munggurrawuy Yunupingu, Sydney Long, Mic Conway, Dennis Murphy, Cornelis Vleeskens and Verity Leatherdale.
Uncompromising, confronting, optimistic – after the Second World War a young generation of Dutch artists took to modernity as never before. For them, it was a time of renewal. Bright colour, thick brush strokes and vigorous handling were features of their
Date: 01 Jul 2009 - 18 Dec 2009

Artist: et al. and Nicholas Mangan
This is one in a series of projects where et al. looks at mind control in its various manifestations; social, medical, industrial and cultural.
Date: 25 Jun 2009 - 13 Sep 2009

Artist: Group
Only twice, did the people decide the judges had made the correct choice. In 1988 Fred Cress' portrait of fellow artist John Beard and in 2004 Craig Ruddy’s portrait David Gulpilil – Two Worlds won both prizes.
Date: 14 May 2009 - 30 May 2009

Artist: Phil Collins (UK), Cao Fei (People's Republic of China), Gabriella Mangano and Silvana Mangano (Australia), TV Moore (Australia), Lisa Reihana (New Zealand), Mari Velonaki (Australia)
This exhibition includes video, interactive robotics and digital photography.
Date: 07 May 2009 - 19 Jul 2009

Artist: Phil Collins (UK), Cao Fei (People's Republic of China), Gabriella Mangano and Silvana Mangano (Australia), TV Moore (Australia), Lisa Reihana (New Zealand), Mari Velonaki (Australia). Guest curator: Victoria Lynn.
Including video, interactive robotics and digital photography, the exhibition explores what it means to transform the self into another persona – as a doppelgänger, a karaoke performer, an avatar, a robot, or as a fantasy alter-ego. Free admission.
Date: 01 May 2009 - 31 May 2009

Artist: the Joseon dynasty
Discover beautiful animals and symbolic creatures and make your own decorative art puppetry. 5-8 years: Monday- Friday 10.30am-12noon 9-13 years: Wednesdays 15 and 22 April, 2-4pm Family session: Thursday 23 April, 2-3pm 1 adult and 1 child (3-5 year
Date: 14 Apr 2009 - 24 Apr 2009

Artist: Dinungkwulanguwa (Dugongs) Kulpratti and Charles Pearcy Mountford (1890-1976)
The AASEAL works on paper are delicately rendered and show the expertise of the artists in adapting to the use of paper, rather than the use of bark, to which they would have been accustomed. These works depict diverse subjects such as Mimih spirits, wild
Date: 21 Mar 2009 - 03 Jun 2009

Artist: Paul Jacoulet, Peter McNeil, professor of design history, School of Design, University of Technology, Sydney and professor of fashion studies, Stockholm University, Sweden, Susan Scollay, eastern and historic textile specialist , Chaya Chandrasekhar, curator of Indian and Southeast Asian art, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Jackie Menzies, head curator of Asian art, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Haruki Yoshida, independent researcher, Chinese and Japanese art, Amy Newland, Japanese woodblock print specialist, Maria Wronska-Friend, Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Anthropology, James Cook University, Cairns, Linda Jaivin, author and China specialist, Judith Rutherford, Chinese textile specialist, Christina Sumner, Ann MacArthur and Greg Leong.
Non-members, full year $430.00 Members, full year $300.00 Non-members, single term $225.00 Members, single term $175.00 Non-members, single lecture $25.00 Members, single lecture $18.00
Date: 17 Mar 2009 - 27 Oct 2009

Artist: Tim Johnson
Since the late 1970s spiritual beings have cohabited with living people in his painterly universe— Buddhas, bodhisattvas, Aboriginal artists, indigenous Americans, Tibetan monks, Vietnamese farmers, extra-terrestrials and Christian figures emerge from fie
Date: 13 Mar 2009 - 17 May 2009

Artist: Lee Man-hui, Kim Ki-duk, Lee Chang-dong, Im Sang-soo, Park Chan-wook, Bong Joon-ho and Kim Dae-seung.
Consulate-General of the Republic of Korea, Hopscotch, Madman Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Rialto Entertainment.
Date: 11 Mar 2009 - 07 Jun 2009

Artist: VisaAsia
The hoardings in front of the Art Gallery may look like a new construction or conservation project, but are in fact the work of Japanese-born artist Tatzu Nishi.
Date: 09 Mar 2009 - 14 Feb 2010

Artist: Hyun Sook Lim, kayagum (zither) and Woo Hee Lee, dae gum (flute), Jackie Menzies, head curator of Asian art, Gregory Evon, senior lecturer, School of Languages and Linguistics, University of New South Wales, Pierre Cambon, chief curator, Musée Guimet, Paris and curator of Korean dreams exhibition, Michael Atherton, founding chair in music, associate dean (research), University of Western Sydney, Lee Ufan, artist and collector.
Korean Dreams: Paintings and screens from the Joseon dynasty The Lee Ufan collection in the Musee Guimet, Paris
Date: 07 Mar 2009 - 08 Jun 2009

Artist: Paul Jackson
A verbal gymnast with a wondrously absurd, sorrowful take on life, Flacco is known and loved for his appearances on television shows including Good News Week and two Flacco and the Sandman specials for the Ten Network, and The Big Gig and Daas Kapital for
Date: 07 Mar 2009 - 24 May 2009

Artist: 708 entries for Archibald, 712 entries for the Wynne Prize and 561 for the Sulman
This year there were 708 entries for Archibald, 712 entries for the Wynne Prize and 561 for the Sulman Prize. There are 39 finalists in this year’s Archibald prize.
Date: 06 Mar 2009 - 08 Mar 2009

Artist: Guy Maestri, Lionel Bawden, Graham Fransella and Ivan Durrant
The Archibald and Wynne prizes are judged by the Trustees of the Art Gallery of New South Wales. The judge for the Sulman Prize was Jon Cattapan.
Date: 06 Mar 2009 - 05 May 2009

Artist: Yoon Kwang-cho, Nam June Paik
Korea's destiny has been shaped by its geographical position. Contained within a peninsula on the northeastern coast of the Chinese continent, it has been subject to influences from the north Asiatic cultures of Manchuria and Siberia as well as from China
Date: 05 Mar 2009 - 08 Jun 2009

Artist: Artists of the Joseon Dynasty, paintings and screen prints from The Lee U-Fan Collection in the Musee Guimet, Paris
This is the gallery’s first exhibition of traditional Korean painting. Korean Dreams includes a lively selection of some 40 decorative paintings and screens dating from the 17th to 19th centuries (Joseon dynasty).
Date: 05 Mar 2009 - 08 Jun 2009

Artist: School Children
Making a booking Online Booking Request Form Printable Booking Request Form Excursion Risk Management Assessment
Date: 28 Feb 2009 - 30 Jun 2009

Artist: AGNSW - Various
Date: 25 Feb 2009 - 01 Mar 2009

Artist: Oscar Munoz
Biografías is one of a series of works in which portraits slowly disappear, reflecting the disappearance of people on a regular basis in Colombia.
Date: 19 Feb 2009 - 14 Jun 2009

Artist: Bronte Hock, Northern Beaches Secondary College Manly Campus, Past Future, Digital Animation; Andrew Smith, St Aloysius College, Copenhagen (Stroget), Painting
The annual ARTEXPRESS exhibition is one of the Art Gallery of NSW’s most popular exhibitions. The exhibition brings together an outstanding and varied selection of artworks produced by teenage artists
Date: 14 Feb 2009 - 19 Apr 2009

Artist: Adam Hill, ÂNGELA FERREIRA & NARELLE JUBELIN, ÓSCAR MUÑOZ: Biografías, JUSTENE WILLIAMS: BIGHEAD GARBAGEFACE GUARDS GHOST DERR SONATA, Daniel Browning, Rachel Perkins and more, HORACE TRENERRY, Stephen Page, Rhianna Patrick, Gretel Killeen, Brendon Boney and Tessa Nuku, Capricious Paganini, Fuego Lento, Simon O'Neill, described by The Telegraph (UK), as ‘a magnificent new tenor’, pianist Andrea Katz and Peter Sculthorpe with the Australia Ensemble, Matthew Doyle and Dave Hackett.
ARTEXPRESS 09, outstanding HSC art, now open GRETEL KILLEEN interviews ARTEXPRESS artists HALF LIGHT must close 22 Feb NEW CONTEMPORARY EXHIBITIONS open 19 Feb SUNDAY CONCERTS in the Old Courts WIN AN INVITATION to the Archibald Prize Opening night
Date: 01 Feb 2009 - 01 May 2009

Artist: Claude Monet, Imants Tillers, Michelle Hiscock and Paul Connor, Annabel Crabb, Bob Brown, Sean Choolburra, Emily McDaniel, Jonathan Jones, Peter McKenzie, Eddie Bronson, Peter Mac & Charlie Trindale, HORACE TRENERRY and Alphonse de Neuville.
Date: 01 Jan 2009 - 31 Jan 2009

Artist: Tosa, Kano, Matabei and Sumiyoshi Schools
Genji was also absorbed by the popular culture of the Floating World, ukiyo, as high-ranking courtesans in the pleasure quarters adopted names of important female characters in the classic tales as their sobriquets, creating an allure of their sophisticat
Date: 12 Dec 2008 - 15 Feb 2009

Artist: Christopher Allan
See for yourself why the critics are applauding this very special exhibition and why over 100 000 people have already visited.
Date: 01 Dec 2008 - 28 Feb 2009

Artist: Horace Trenerry, van Gogh and Claude Monet alongside other masterpieces by Renoir, Pissarro, Cézanne, Degas, Sisley and others, Cy Twombly, Paul Cézanne and Jacques Blanchard.
Cy Twombly Three studies from the Temeraire Paul Cézanne Bords de la Marne Jacques Blanchard Mars and the vestal virgin.
Date: 01 Dec 2008 - 28 Feb 2009

Artist: Horace Trenerry
"I have got chilblains and once I nearly got sunstroke for art’s sake, for to paint nature you must be afield early and late." - Horace Trenerry 11 July 1927
Date: 29 Nov 2008 - 15 Mar 2009

Artist: Vernon Ah Kee, Tony Albert, Brook Andrew, Richard Bell, Mervyn Bishop, Brenda L Croft, Destiny Deacon, Genevieve Grieves, Dianne Jones, Peter Yanada McKenzie, Ricky Maynard, r e a, Michael Riley, Darren Siwes, Christian Thompson
Photography by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists has emerged over the past two decades as a definitive expression of contemporary Indigenous life in Australia.
Date: 21 Nov 2008 - 22 Feb 2009

Artist: Various - AGNSW Products
Browse the Gallery Shop's online Christmas catalogue for that special gift for family, friends, colleagues and loved ones.
Date: 21 Nov 2008 - 26 Dec 2008

Artist: Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Degas, Pissarro, Manet, Sisley...
Exhibited alongside 29 of Claude Monet's most famous and most loved paintings including Water lilies, Haystacks and Rouen Cathedral are Impressionist masterpieces such as Degas' Racehorses at Longchamp, Cézanne's The Pond and Renoir's The Seine at Chatou.
Date: 01 Nov 2008 - 30 Jan 2009

The Art Gallery of New South Wales is holding a special fundraising auction to assist with the purchase of Cézanne's Bords de la Marne.
Date: 27 Oct 2008 - 05 Nov 2008

Artist: TBA
In 2004 Mrs Beryl Whiteley was awarded an OAM for the creation and endowment of the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship. The inspiration for this annual scholarship was the profound effect of international travel and study experienced by her son, Br
Date: 17 Sep 2008 - 31 Dec 2008

Artist: Amber Wallis
17 September 2008: It was announced at the Brett Whiteley Studio in Sydney's Surry Hills, that Amber Wallis from North Fitzroy in Victoria is the winner of the tenth Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship for her work Untitled landscape, 2007, mixed m
Date: 17 Sep 2008 - 30 Nov 2008

Artist: GENJI, Dr Royall Tyler, Director Kozaburo Yoshimura, kami, the Chinese town of Qingzhou, Hikaru Genji, Philip Brophy, Jenny Kee, Lindy Lee, Adam Spencer, Nicholas Ng and Nirmal Jena.
1 October - Jenny Kee, artist and designer, shares tales from her spiritual journey from her Chinese family's conversion to Christianity at the turn of the century on the Queensland goldfields to her own taking refuge in Tibetan Buddhism
Date: 01 Sep 2008 - 00 0000

Artist: Jennifer and Ms Sharon Xie
Jennifer invites Ms Sharon Xie, Community Ambassador of Art Gallery of NSW to introduce Sydney Biennale 2008.
Date: 14 Aug 2008 - 04 Apr 2009

Artist: Various
Listen to various SBS broadcasts of interviews with staff and specialists from the AGNSW.
Date: 01 Jul 2008 - 28 Mar 2009

Artist: anonymous and intriguing
By 1898, 1.5 million roll film cameras were in the hands of the public and, as Doug Nickel, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art pointed out in 1998 ‘… the way lives were lived became entangled in the way lives were now represented.’
Date: 10 Apr 2008 - 16 Jul 2008

David Malouf will welcome Bill Viola to Sydney 6.30pm Tuesday 8 April 2008 at St Saviour's Church 117 Young Street, Redfern
Date: 08 Apr 2008 - 30 Apr 2008

Artist: Jan Senbergs
This is the first survey of the development of the work of Jan Senbergs, whose beginnings as an apprentice screenprinter after he left school at fifteen (rather than attending art school), provided him with the initial means to make art.
Date: 05 Apr 2008 - 25 May 2008

Artist: John Kaldor and his family, Edmund Capon, Joseph Beuys, Rebecca Horn, Anselm Kiefer, Yves Klein, Jannis Kounellis, Tatsuo Miyajima, Sigmar Polke, Doris Salcedo, Gerhard Richter, and Haim Steinbach among others.
The early 1960s were the beginning of pop art and it opened my eyes to a totally new world, a world that I wanted to make my own. And now, almost 50 years later, I have the same passion, the same wonder and I am grateful to the many artists who have given
Date: 03 Apr 2008 - 30 May 2008

Artist: Linda Jaivin and Jonathan Biggins, Michael Riley, Vincent Fantauzzo, Akira Isogawa, Heath Ledger, David Stratton, Neil Finn, Paul Grabowsky, Sarah Blasko and Nicholas Harding.
This year's Archibald exhibition presents 40 finalists including portraits of Akira Isogawa, Heath Ledger, David Stratton, Neil Finn, Paul Grabowsky, Sarah Blasko and Nicholas Harding.
Date: 01 Apr 2008 - 30 May 2008

Artist: Del Kathryn Barton, Joanne Currie Nalingu, John Wolseley, Rodney Pople
This year, the 87th year of Archibald, there were 693 entries for Archibald, 721 for the Wynne Prize and 559 for the Sulman Prize. The Archibald and Wynne prizes are judged by the Trustees of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Date: 08 Mar 2008 - 18 May 2008

Artist: Margaret Throsby, Heath Ledger, Akira Isogawa, David Stratton, Neil Finn, Paul Grabowsky, Sarah Blasko and Nicholas Harding, Del Kathryn Barton, and Vincent Fantauzzo discusses his portrait of Heath Ledger, Lucy Culliton, Michael Riley, Kevin Gilbert, Morimura/Mishima, Nina Davenport, Johan van der Keuken, Adam Burck, Mal Demkar, Maddie J Gray (right), Aggie Lim, Scott Norton, Sharron Symons, Carol Waddle, Lisa Wall and Maria Yiakoulis.
A country with a fabulously rich cultural heritage, extreme social contrasts and astounding ethnic and linguistic diversity, India has long held a fascination for Western artists.
Date: 01 Mar 2008 - 30 May 2008

Artist: Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Christo and Jeanne-Claude's names are synonymous with urban and rural works of art on a vast scale.
Date: 15 Dec 2007 - 16 Dec 2007

Artist: Scott Redford
For his first exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Queensland artist Scott Redford presents a series of surf paintings.
Date: 13 Dec 2007 - 13 Apr 2008

Artist: Sidney Nolan, J Paul Getty Museum, Kitty Kantilla, Kevin Gilbert, Scott Redford and Brett Whiteley.
Rare scrolls and porcelain from the 14th to 20th centuries.
Date: 01 Dec 2007 - 31 Jan 2008

Artist: Jon Rose
Sphere of influence puts our species centre stage, the ball becomes human and the human becomes ball.
Date: 22 Nov 2007 - 25 Nov 2007

Artist: August Sander
The exhibition has been co-organised by the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles and the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.
Date: 17 Nov 2007 - 03 Feb 2008

Artist: Sidney Nolan, Ned Kelly, Sunday Reed, August Sander, Gary Carsley, Aku Kadogo, Freddie Timms, Libbi Gorr, Stuart Purves, Paul Kelly, Sebastian Smee, Axel Poignant, Jon Rose, Sheona White, Ursula Prunster, Ern Malley, Nancy Underhill, Alan Healy, Evelyn Fi
NOVEMBER HIGHLIGHTS: Sidney Nolan: a new retrospective - exhibition on now Photographs from the J Paul Getty Museum - opens this Friday 2.4m interactive ball game - for 3 days only The misfits screens as part of the Westerns film series
Date: 01 Nov 2007 - 30 Jan 2008

Artist: David Hockney: a closer winter tunnel 2006
Hockney is indisputably one of the most original and versatile artists of the 20th century and these new East Yorkshire paintings, so full of life and veracity, have brought fresh recognition of this rich and vivacious imagination.
Date: 17 Sep 2007 - 31 Oct 2007

Artist: Artefacts
Among the most marvellous key objects are a carved jade boulder (114.5 cm height) depicting ‘The Nine Elders of Huichang’, commissioned by the emperor Qianlong in 1787, and an emperor’s throne-set magnificently decorated in jade with flower-and-bird motif
Date: 29 Aug 2007 - 11 Nov 2007

Artist: Belgiorno-Nettis
The Belgiorno-Nettis family have agreed to donate $4 million to the gallery over four years in support of its contemporary art galleries.
Date: 28 Aug 2007 - 31 Dec 2007

Artist: Ana Pollack
A resident of Dangar Island, Ana Pollak’s drawing is minimal and seemingly abstract.
Date: 24 Aug 2007 - 04 Nov 2007

Artist: Sir William Dobell Art Foundation
The Dobell Prize for Drawing has always been the subject of discussion and debate about the nature of drawing.
Date: 23 Aug 2007 - 24 Aug 2007

Artist: John Beard, David Disher and Philip Wolfhagen.
This year there were 640 entries for Archibald, 639 entries for the Wynne Prize and 433 for the Sulman Prize. There are 41 finalists in this year’s Archibald prize.
Date: 02 Mar 2007 - 01 Jul 2007

Artist: Tony Clark and John Wolseley
The exhibition A Bird in the Hand contrasts the work of Tony Clark and John Wolseley, two contemporary artists of standing, who are at the moment both doing ‘bird paintings’.
Date: 14 Dec 2006 - 28 Jan 2007

Artist: Christmas 2006 gift ideas frmt he Art Gallery of NSW
If you are looking for something that is beautiful, unusual or just plain fun then check out our selection of gift ideas at the Gallery Shop’s On-line Christmas Catalogue. Or visit the store at the Gallery for an even bigger range of gifts.
Date: 04 Dec 2006 - 31 Dec 2006

Artist: Edmond Capon, Arthur Streeton, Cy Twombly, Edward Poynter, Monika Tichacek, Carl Plate, Tony Clark and John Wolseley.
Edmund Capon’s choice: Fire’s On (1891) by Arthur Streeton, The visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon (1890) by Edward Poynter, Three Studies from the Temeraire (1998-1999) by Cy Twombly.
Date: 04 Dec 2006 - 01 Mar 2007

Artist: Madhya Pradesh, Bharat Kala Bhavan, Varanasi, Walter Spink, Monika Tichacek, Ginger Riley, Munduwalawala, SU Xinping, Carl Plate, Matt Collishaw, Geoff and Vicki Ainsworth
Craftsmen from West Bengal build Goddess Durga in the Gallery Australia Day celebrations with Bengali drummers & offerings School holiday workshops and performances
Date: 01 Dec 2006 - 28 Feb 2007

Artist: Ginger Riley Munduwalawala, Michael Jagamara Nelson, Emily Kam Ngwarray, Judy Watson and Gloria Tamerre Petyarre, Mollie Gowing and Jim Gowing.
Since 1992 The Mollie Gowing Acquisition Fund for Contemporary Aboriginal Art has cumulatively grown to represent one of the most significant private benefactions in support of Indigenous art in Australia.
Date: 30 Nov 2006 - 30 Mar 2007

Artist: Carl Plate
Carl Plate was one of Sydney's most important modern painters of the post-war period.
Date: 22 Nov 2006 - 14 Jan 2006

Artist: Monika Tichacek: Finalistsinclude: Monika Tichacek (winner), Daniel Crooks, Daniel von Sturmer, Tony Schwensen, Philip Brophy, Grant Stevens and James Lynch.
Monika Tichacek’s body is the prime visual of her performances; however, unlike the live performance art of the 60s, Tichacek generally performs, films and edits her own work.
Date: 16 Nov 2006 - 30 Nov 2006

Artist: Kulavadhuta Satpurananda, Marcia Hines, Libbi Gorr, Jonathan Biggins, Chaya Chandrasekhar, Acharaya Rami Sivan, Christina Sumner, Sardool Singh, Brendan Lee, Philip Brophy, Daniel Crooks, James Lynch, Tony Schwensen, Grant Stevens, Monika Tichacek and Dan
"The greatest exhibition mounted in Australia this year...It is as beautiful, as serious and fascinating a display as I have seen in this country."
Date: 01 Nov 2006 - 28 Feb 2007

Artist: From We to Me.
From the politicised voice of the collective mass (we) during socially and politically turbulent times, to the rediscovery and expression of the self (me) in the post-cultural revolution era, the exhibition provides an intriguing insight into Chinese cul
Date: 21 Oct 2006 - 21 Jan 2007

Artist: Bruce Conner, Gregory Godhard and Marie Menken, Anselm Kiefer, Bill Henson and Janet Laurence AND Alberto Giacometti.
Opening Thursday 28 September, this is the first in a series of changing displays and programs featuring leading national and international artists.
Date: 28 Sep 2006 - 30 Oct 2006

Artist: Anselm Kiefer, Bill Henson and Janet Laurence
With this recent acquisition of three sculptural life-size figures from Kiefer’s Women of Antiquity series and a further 2 works (one purchased with funds provided by Geoff and Vicki Ainsworth and Simon and Catriona Mordant, and one gifted by the artist)
Date: 28 Sep 2006 - 30 Apr 2006

Artist: Irena Zdanowicz
The judge of the 2006 Dobell Prize is Irena Zdanowicz, former Head Curator of Prints and Drawings at the National Gallery of Victoria, now an independent writer/curator.
Date: 28 Sep 2006 - 03 Dec 2006

Artist: Nick Mourtzakis
28 September 2006: It was announced at the Art Gallery of New South Wales today that NICK MOURTZAKIS is the winner of the 2006 Dobell Prize for Drawing for his work, nature. insects plants flowers. shell fish corals. the microscopic creatures. dreams.
Date: 28 Sep 2006 - 03 Dec 2006

Artist: Peter Kingston & Martin Sharp
I’m very interested in coincidence, and coincidence obviously happens all the time, so when a coincidence happens, it often belongs to a different, completely different world to the ordinary world we live in, it doesn’t apply in that rationale at all. - M
Date: 20 Sep 2006 - 19 Nov 2007

Artist: Vidya Dehejia
With the Goddess exhibition rapidly approaching now is the ideal time to learn about one of the greatest civilizations on Earth.
Date: 05 Sep 2006 - 26 Dec 2006

Artist: Lewis Morley, Giacometti, Frank Hodgkinson, the Gitter-Yelen collection: Fugai, Hakuin and Sengai, Kingston and Sharp, Dave Hackett, Bronwyn Vaughan and Edward Poynter, Bill Hensen, Daryl Pratt and Stu Hunter..
24 Sept When Camels Could Fly: Travellers' tales from the silk road told through theatrical storytelling, song and music with Bronwyn Vaughan
Date: 01 Sep 2006 - 30 Sep 2006

Artist: Giacometti
The Art Gallery of New South Wales brings to Australia for the first time an exhibition of some 79 works by Alberto Giacometti.
Date: 18 Aug 2006 - 29 Oct 2006

Artist: Hany Armanious, Damiano Bertoli, Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro, Jonathan Jones, Nike Savvas, Nick Mangan, John Meade.
Adventures with form in space, the 2006 Balnaves Foundation Sculpture Project, considers the richly inventive ways in which contemporary artists use form and colour in their sculptures.
Date: 09 Aug 2006 - 17 Sep 2006

Artist: Alberto Giacometti, Paul Grabowsky, Edmund Capon, Dr Ross Mellick, Jean-Paul Sartre, Camus, Simone de Beauvoir, Simone de Beauvoir, Cocteau, Bresson and others.
Date: 01 Aug 2006 - 29 Oct 2006

Artist: Frank Hodgkinson (1919 - 2001)
Frank Hodgkinson (1919 - 2001) is remembered for his large abstract paintings inspired by the natural, earthy qualities of the Australian bush and his experience of Europe, especially Spain, where he lived for long periods in the decades following the Sec
Date: 19 Jul 2006 - 17 Sep 2006

Artist: Margaret Olley, Cézanne and Picasso.
Today the Art Gallery of New South Wales announced that the artist Margaret Olley has given the gallery four important graphic works by artists including Cézanne and Picasso.
Date: 13 Jul 2006 - 30 Aug 2006

Artist: Lewis Morley
"I don't like analysing photographs, I don't like analysing paintings. My whole attitude to life has been emotional and I depend on emotions to get my kicks. I always find myself resisting reading people's motivations for their work. It could so easily no
Date: 05 Jul 2006 - 10 Sep 2006

Artist: Lots
From photographs of Art Deco skyscrapers in the city centre, to images of modern home design and interiors, Harry Cazneaux depicted all that was fashionable and new in Sydney during the 1920s & 30s.
Date: 01 Jul 2006 - 30 Aug 2006

Artist: Varoius, including: Itu JAKUCHU
Simple yet profound, spontaneous yet controlled, the art of Zen Buddhism is intended to communicate the vision of Zen masters and to reveal the essence of Zen.
Date: 17 Jun 2006 - 13 Aug 2006

Artist: Albrecht Durer, Netherlandish and Italian engravers of the High Renaissance, such as Hendrik Goltzius, Giorgio Ghisi and Giovanni Battista Scultori.
The story of the graphic arts in Europe between c.1500 and c.1800 is superbly illustrated in this exhibition of over 100 prints from the collection of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Date: 03 Jun 2006 - 06 Aug 2006

Artist: Various
Since 1988 visitors to the Archibald Prize have had the opportunity to vote for their favourite painting.
Date: 18 May 2006 - 14 Jun 2005

Artist: Cézanne, Freud, Kahlo, Rubens, Valadon, van Gogh, Velásquez, Warhol, and Whistler.
MUST CLOSE THIS SUNDAY MAY 14! This is your last opportunity to view this exhibition of self portraits by some of the world's greatest artists including Cézanne, Freud, Kahlo, Rubens, Valadon, van Gogh, Velásquez, Warhol, and Whistler.
Date: 10 May 2006 - 14 May 2006

Artist: Constanze Zikos
The art of Constanze Zikos is a streetwise combination of influences from pop art, minimalism, geometric abstraction, fashion, decor and death metal.
Date: 13 Apr 2006 - 21 May 2006

Artist: Gretel Killeen, Lex Marinos (photography credit: Ludowik Dabrowski), Wendy Harmer.
Last chance to catch ARTEXPRESS before it closes on 9 April. Take part in our school holidays workshops and events. Browse the Theo Scharf online catalogue Experience the Photographic Portrait Prize And enjoy our very special Archibald inspired Art Afte
Date: 05 Apr 2006 - 30 May 2006

Artist: Marcus Wills, Vanila Netto, Jiawei Shen and John Beard.
The Paul Jurasezek monolith (after Marcus Gheeraerts)
Date: 25 Mar 2006 - 28 May 2006

Artist: Marcus Wills, Jenny Sages, Vanila Netto, Kezia Littlemore, Hossein Valamanesh, Jiawei Shen, John Beard and Graham Fransella.
The Judges also made special mention of the works by Kezia Littlemore Adela Parramatta and Hossein Valamanesh Nesting
Date: 25 Mar 2006 - 28 May 2006

Artist: Robert Klippel
The Gleeson O'Keefe Foundation, a major fund recently established by James Gleeson and Frank O'Keefe, was set up to acquire and give to the Art Gallery of New South Wales works of lasting importance to the art and general communities.
Date: 07 Mar 2006 - 31 Jul 2006

Artist: DAVID GRIGGS, ARTEXPRESS 2006, Rubens, Velázquez, Whistler, Van Gogh, Cézanne, Bacon, Kahlo and Warhol, GODDESSES, Justice Michael Kirby, Peter Berner, Louis Nowra, Peter Berner, Ben Quilty, Pieter Neve, Judy Annear, George Alexander, Tristan Sharp and J
View Self-portraits by some of the world's greatest artists. Get set for Archibald fever - the exhibition opens this month! Autumn in Sydney: win tickets to Dusty, The Original Pop Diva. Enjoy celebrity talks at Art After Hours - late night Wednesday.
Date: 07 Mar 2006 - 30 May 2006

Artist: Robert Ashton, Robert Besanko, Kate Breakey, Peter Charuk, Ian Dodd, Victoria Fernandez, Sue Ford and Juliana Swatko
Latin American writers began to incorporate magical happenings in a realist manner like Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude.
Date: 18 Feb 2006 - 02 Apr 2006

Artist: David Griggs
Sydney artist David Griggs creates paintings that explore the darker undercurrents of human existence. For an exhibition of new work in the Level two contemporary project space at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Exchanging Culture for Flesh, Griggs pr
Date: 16 Feb 2006 - 02 Apr 2006

Artist: Yukinori Yanagi
Leading Japanese contemporary artist Yukinori Yanagi uses national symbols to question the politics and ideology of contemporary Japan. In the past Yanagi has used live ants, neon lights and plastic toys to create his work.
Date: 10 Feb 2006 - 02 Apr 2006

Artist: Various
The annual ARTEXPRESS exhibition is one of the gallery's most popular exhibitions, providing up-to the minute insights into student\'s creativity and the issues and ideas relevant to them.
Date: 04 Feb 2006 - 09 Apr 2006

Artist: Marshall McGuire, Pissarro, Rubens,Velazquez, Whistler, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Bacon, Kahlo and Warhol,
See 500 years of self portraits by some of the world's greatest artists Win a glamourous night out at the Archibald opening party Don't miss the last 2 weeks of Pissarro: The first Impressionist Enjoy concerts with Marshall McGuire in the 19th century
Date: 01 Feb 2006 - 07 Apr 2006

Artist: Pissarro, Shirin Neshat, French Cinema, Patricia Lovell, Senator Bob Brown, Dr Gerard Vaughan, Fatima Palces, Brett Whiteley and Lloyd Rees.
HOLIDAY PERFORMANCES Enter into the world of improvisation and have a hilarious time exploring imaginative storytelling through the art of Camille Pissarro, with Open Stage Productions.
Date: 02 Jan 2006 - 15 Feb 2006

Artist: Shirin Neshat
Presented by the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Sydney Festival this powerful video installation by New York based Iranian artist Shirin Neshat is a wonderful opportunity to experience the eloquent work of one of the world's most respected contemp
Date: 16 Dec 2005 - 29 Jan 2006

Artist: Saskia Olde Wolbers
Dutch artist, Saskia Olde Wolbers and her video, Trailer, will mark the beginning of the Level 2 Contemporary Project Space program for 2006 at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Date: 15 Dec 2005 - 05 Feb 2005

Artist: Various
Visit France through the eyes of French Impressionist Pissarro.
Date: 09 Dec 2005 - 31 Jan 2006

Artist: Brett Whiteley and Lloyd Rees.
Whiteley & Rees: more affinities at the Brett Whiteley Studio revisits the unique relationship and continuity of vision between Brett Whiteley and Lloyd Rees.
Date: 07 Dec 2005 - 30 Apr 2006

Artist: Michael Riley, Brenda Croft and Destiny Deaco, William Yang, Sandy Edwards, Anne Ferran, Ingeborg Tyssen, Destiny Deacon, David Stephenson, Robyn Stacey, Anne Zahalka, Farrell & Parkin, Pat Brassington and Rosemary Laing.
Points of view explores developments in Australian photography from 1985 to 1995. This was a decade that saw a maturing of the diverse photographic practices which had developed in Australia from the 1970s.
Date: 19 Nov 2005 - 26 Jan 2006

Artist: Grace Cossington Smith
A major retrospective exhibition of the work of Grace Cossington Smith will open at the Art Gallery of New South Wales on the 3 November 2005.
Date: 03 Nov 2005 - 15 Jan 2006

Artist: Various
Often hailed the Van Gogh of Australian art, Grace Cossington Smith is one of this nation's most important artists.
Date: 03 Nov 2005 - 03 Dec 2005

Artist: David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson.
Reflections in time explores the changes that occurred to international photographic portraiture in the nineteenth century.
Date: 13 Oct 2005 - 11 Dec 2005

Artist: Camille Pissarro, Margaret Preston, Charles Meere, the State Rooms and gardens of Government House, Patricia Piccinini, Wolfgang Laib, Natasha Bullock, Wayne Tunnicliffe, Bruce Elder, Simon Marnie and many more.
The Gallery stays open this long weekend with a great range of free events.
Date: 01 Oct 2005 - 15 Nov 2005

Artist: Jeppe Hein
From the artist who destroyed the Johann Konig Gallery with a steel sphere hurtling uncontrollably around the exhibition space, to the Art Gallery of New South Wales, is the latest International contemporary art exhibition Neonwall by Jeppe Hein.
Date: 21 Sep 2005 - 04 Dec 2005

Artist: Various
"We have a distinguished and original artist in Australia - an artist with abundant vitality ... the intellectual gift of invention and an emotional colour sense which amounts to genius." Thea Proctor 1927
Date: 01 Sep 2005 - 01 Oct 2005

Artist: Kevin Connor
Kevin Connor was awarded $20,000 for winning this prestigious prize, and his work was automatically acquired for the Art Gallery of New South Wales' permanent collection. There were 576 entries this year and the prize was judged by artist, writer an
Date: 04 Aug 2005 - 04 Oct 2005

Artist: Nicholas Harding
This year over 36,000 voted in this year's People's Choice for the Archibald Prize and their favourite was Nicholas Harding's portrait Bob's daily swim.
Date: 20 Jun 2005 - 03 Jul 2005

Artist: Ian Burn, Gordon Bennett, Kate Beynon, Janet Burchill, Adam Cullen, Mikala Dwyer, Rosalie Gascoigne, Simryn Gill, Matthew Jones, Peter Kennedy, Robert MacPherson, Mike Parr, Rose Nolan, Susan Norrie, Scott Redford, Imants Tillers, Peter Tyndall and Jenny
When images no longer seemed enough artists incorporated words, text and literary references into their art to alter our experience of the visual arts.
Date: 20 May 2005 - 24 Jul 2005

Artist: Various
Popular arts presenter and author of the Archibald book Let's Face It, The History of the Archibald Prize, Peter Ross, will give a fascinating talk about the history of Australia's most famous art prize.
Date: 01 May 2005 - 30 Jul 2005

Artist: Jason Benjamin
In painting Hunter's portrait, Benjamin set about exploring the thoughts currently consuming him rather than trying to produce what he calls 'a tawdry this-is-your-life portrait'.
Date: 30 Apr 2005 - 05 Jul 2005

Artist: Boucher, Watteau and Sacha Guitry.
Date: 24 Apr 2005 - 25 Apr 2005

Artist: Clover Moore, Michael Klim, Kim Beazley, Geoffrey Rush, Malcolm Turnbull, Fred Nile, Margaret Fulton, Jeff Kennett, Gretel Killeen, Graeme Murphy, Glenn Robbins, Akira Isogawa, Dr Fiona Wood, Reverend Bill Crews and Tom Raudonikis
The Archibald Prize, first awarded in 1921, is one of this country\'s oldest and most prestigious art awards. Combined with the Wynne & Sulman Prizes, lively debate and controversy is assured.
Date: 21 Apr 2005 - 21 May 2005

Artist: John Olsen, Nicholas Harding, Cassandra Mathie, Narelle Munro, Trent Parke, Deborah Paauwe, Simon Obarzanek, Sandro Nocentini, Gina Bruce, Paul Worstead, Jenny Sages, Guan Wei, Noel McKenna
The Winners
Date: 21 Apr 2005 - 01 Jun 2005

Artist: Various
Entries for all Archibald, Wynne and Sulman prizes delivered to the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Date: 11 Apr 2005 - 14 Apr 2005

Artist: John Glover, Conrad Martens, Arthur Streeton and Julian Ashton and Eugene von Guerard, Vincent van Gogh by John Russell.
This wonderful selection of some 80 watercolours, drawings and pastels enlarges our appreciation of the all important collection of Australian art at the Gallery and our perspective on 19th century Australian art as a whole.
Date: 06 Apr 2005 - 19 Jun 2005

Artist: Simryn Gill
Standing still is a series of 116 photographs that explores Simryn Gill's interest in the passage of time and the evocation of place or in her words 'a place in time...[where there is]...No way forward, no way back.'
Date: 26 Mar 2005 - 01 May 2005

Artist: François Boucher & His Excellency
Boucher, Watteau and the origin of the Rococo comprises over eighty magnificent drawings from one of the world's foremost collections of Old Master drawings, The École des Beaux-Arts, Paris (ENSBA).
Date: 09 Mar 2005 - 01 May 2005

Artist: Bill Henson, The Queen of Sheba, Bachelard's Poetics of Space, the Smithsonian Institution's Marc Pachter, Art Gallery of NSW director Edmund Capon, UTS professor Ross Gibson and commentator Bob Ellis.
'The work might begin with a fleeing impression from first-hand experience or in a piece of music I am always drawn back to, or perhaps in a paragraph of writing I cannot forget – and then it takes its own course. I become like a participant in some large
Date: 31 Jan 2005 - 29 Feb 2005

Artist: Honorary Consul of Bhutan, Catherine Harris, Khyentse Norbu and Edmund Capon.
$45 Includes 45 minute discussion between Khyentse Norbu and Edmund Capon, a special viewing of Travellers and Musicians and drinks afterwards. (This event has been organised to raise funds for the Khyentse Foundation).
Date: 15 Jan 2005 - 16 Jan 2005

Artist: Various
A beautiful range of gifts complement the finest selection of art books in Australia.
Date: 12 Jan 2005 - 01 Jan 2006

Artist: Bill Henson
Bill Henson is one of Australia's leading contemporary artists. His powerful and edgy photographs approach both the painterly and the cinematic, bringing together the formal and classical with the gritty, casual dramas of the everyday.
Date: 08 Jan 2005 - 03 Apr 2005

Artist: Shaun Gladwell and David Rosetzky,Peter Hennessey, Guy BenfieldVan Sowerwine, Craig Walsh.
Artists' Talks - Thursday 2 December, 2-4pm Curator Wayne Tunnicliffe and exhibition artists speak about their work.
Date: 02 Dec 2004 - 13 Feb 2005

Artist: Various
This is the first award exhibition for the moving image and new media in Australia and has been established in honour of Anne Landa, a Trustee of the Art Gallery of New South Wales who died in 2002.
Date: 01 Dec 2004 - 13 Feb 2005

Artist: Group
Our suggestions here are aimed to help you find the right gift for family, friends and workmates.
Date: 01 Dec 2004 - 26 Dec 2004

Artist: Cy Twombly
The Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney is delighted to announce one of the most significant acquisitions the Gallery has ever made - Cy Twombly's Three studies from the Temeraire, the first work of art by Cy Twombly to enter an Australian public col
Date: 15 Nov 2004 - 15 Feb 2005

Artist: group
For people who like to write, the moleskine diaries include a removable 2005 address book and are priced from $27. Margaret Preston print scarves, Brett Whiteley porcelain mugs, Eric Thake's popular Sydney Opera House drawing on the gallery tea towels, ex
Date: 08 Nov 2004 - 26 Dec 2004

Artist: Richard Johnson, Riley Lee
Have you caught a glimpse of the illuminated lantern floating on the skyline above Woolloomooloo Bay?
Date: 06 Nov 2004 - 06 Feb 2005

Artist: Various
Alan Jones, from Victoria, is the winner of the 2004 Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship for his work Figure #II 2004.
Date: 01 Nov 2004 - 01 Feb 2005

Artist: Allan Mitelman
Allan Mitelman is one of Australia's foremost abstract artists. Drawing on the rich traditions Western art, Mitelman has forged a distinctive style that is at once playful, serious and sensual.
Date: 29 Oct 2004 - 16 Jan 2005

This exhibition focuses on the connections between Owen's often rigorously minimal sculptural practice and his richly coloured and emotive abstract paintings.
Date: 16 Oct 2004 - 28 Nov 2004

Artist: Emma Donovan
"This is an art movement that confounds the conventions of western art in simultaneously invoking the customary and the contemporary," said curator Hetti Perkins.
Date: 25 Sep 2004 - 12 Dec 2004

Artist: with David Marr, David Malouf, Ivor Indyk, Kerry Walker, Carole Skinner and photographs by William Yang
The collection has only recently arrived at the Gallery, as the condition of White's will was that it was available upon the death of his partner, Manoly Lascaris, who passed away earlier this year.
Date: 19 Sep 2004 - 20 Sep 2004

Artist: Corot and Constable, Yukitaka Kohari, Peter Galassi, Philip Conisbee, Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes (1750-1819) and Thomas Jones (1742-1803), as well as the big names Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (1796-1875) and John Constable (1776-1836). The real opportun
It is a well-known cliché to suggest that Impressionism was a reaction to the invention of photography.
Date: 04 Sep 2004 - 31 Oct 2004

Artist: Various
Crossing Country is the first major survey of Kuninjku and related key artists from Aboriginal communities to the west of Maningrida in Arnhem Land.
Date: 01 Sep 2004 - 10 Oct 2004

Artist: Garry Shead
The Dobell Prize for Drawing is one of the most coveted art awards in Australia. Initiated by the trustees of the Sir William Dobell Art Foundation, the Prize was first awarded in 1993.
Date: 20 Aug 2004 - 17 Oct 2004

Artist: Various
From the Imperial courts of ancient China and temples of Tibet comes a rare and exquisite collection of silk robes and court apparel dating from the 6th century.
Date: 01 Aug 2004 - 01 Sep 2004

Artist: Various
The rich heritage of Indian visual traditions is explored in a sumptuous exhibition of Indian folk paintings and textiles.
Date: 04 Jul 2004 - 30 Aug 2004

Artist: Various
From 16 June until 21 July, speakers such as the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Elizabeth Ann Macgregor, Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend 'Modern Guru', Moyer Sayer Jones and Science Professor Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, discuss the reasona
Date: 16 Jun 2004 - 21 Jul 2004

Artist: Gough Whitlam, John Grierson, Max Dupain, David Moore, Axel Poignant, David Potts, Fiona Hall, Gerrit Fokkema, Mervyn Bishop, Sandy Edwards and Roger Scott.
Drawn from the Art Gallery of New South Wales collection, Australian postwar photodocumentary includes a cross section of artists working within the documentary idiom.
Date: 12 Jun 2004 - 08 Aug 2004

Artist: Max Dupain, David Moore, Axel Poignant, David Potts, Fiona Hall, Gerrit Fokkema, Mervyn Bishop, Sandy Edwards and Roger Scott. Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarrai, Dr Kathryn Millard, Olive Cotton, Jill Jones, MTC Cronin, Carolyne Bruyn, Anne Edgeworth, Elizabe
Don't miss the June line up of talks, lectures, performances and kids programs celebrating the Biennale of Sydney and other exhibitions at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Date: 06 Jun 2004 - 05 Jul 2004

Artist: Including: the Rabari people of Western India
This exhibition encompasses a variety of work including vibrant narrative scrolls painted by itinerant storytellers and bards who recite the stories recorded in their paintings at village fairs and bazaars.
Date: 29 May 2004 - 04 Jul 2004

Artist: Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri
The exhibition is curated by Dr Vivien Johnson, a personal friend of the late artist and a highly regarded scholar of Western Desert art.
Date: 14 May 2004 - 11 Jul 2004

Artist: Craig Ruddy
Art Gallery Road, Sydney Since 1988 visitors to the Archibald Prize have had the opportunity to vote for their favourite painting.
Date: 06 May 2004 - 16 May 2004

Artist: Various
On Saturday 17 April, 25 museums, collecting organisations and heritage sites in Sydney will stay open until midnight for this one-night premier event.
Date: 17 Apr 2004

Artist: Craig Ruddy, David Gulpilil
WINNER OF THE 2004 ARCHIBALD PRIZE Craig Ruddy David Gulpilil, two worlds
Date: 27 Mar 2004 - 16 May 2004

Artist: Craig Ruddy, Danelle Bergstrom, Rod McNicol, Jim Anderson, Rebecca Shanahan, Allan Mitelman, Virginia Coventry, George Ward Tjungurrayi, Gloria Petyarre, John Wolseley AND Junko Hagiwara
Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes and the Citigroup Private Bank Australian Photographic Portrait Prize on view: Saturday 27 March until Sunday 16 May 2004 Art Gallery of New South Wales Art Gallery Road, The Domain Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia
Date: 26 Mar 2004 - 16 May 2004

Artist: Evert Ploeg
2004 Packing Room Prize and Names of Artists selected for the Archibald Wynne & Sulman Prizes and Citigroup Private Bank Australian Photographic Portrait Prize
Date: 18 Mar 2004 - 16 May 2004

Artist: Evert Ploeg
PACKING ROOM PRIZE WINNER 2004 Art Gallery of New South Wales Thursday 18 March 2004
Date: 18 Mar 2004 - 18 Apr 2004

Artist: AGNSW
Entries for all prizes delivered to the Art Gallery of New South Wales Monday 8 to Friday 12 March 8am to 4pm each day
Date: 12 Mar 2004 - 16 May 2004

Artist: Dr George Michell
Dr George Michell, an international expert on Indian art and architecture and author of numerous publications on India's kingdoms and sultanates, will be visiting Australia in March and April 2004 to present a series of eight lectures.
Date: 09 Mar 2004 - 30 Apr 2004

Artist: Matthew Barney
Eight years in the making, The Cremaster Cycle is destined to be the one of cinematic events of the year.
Date: 06 Mar 2004 - 20 Mar 2004

Artist: Man Ray & Various
Each week at 6.30pm, well-known speakers including photographer Lewis Morley, Australian Women's Weekly editor Deborah Thomas and architect Harry Seidler will illuminate elements of the artist's surreal vision by exploring themes including his muses, mode
Date: 25 Feb 2004 - 24 Mar 2004

Artist: Rover Thomas
In 1990 Rover Thomas and Trevor Nickolls, were the first Indigenous Australian artists to represent Australia at the Venice Biennale.
Date: 20 Feb 2004

Acclaimed film director Peter Weir will announce the establishment of a new $25,000 art award in honour of Anne Landa on February 11 at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Date: 11 Feb 2004 - 27 Feb 2004

These works will be augmented with more than fifty paintings by Caravaggio's immediate followers, demonstrating the international nature of his 'school' and its influence.
Date: 08 Feb 2004 - 22 Feb 2004

Artist: Various
Jon Rose and Hollis Taylor are two virtuoso violinist/composers who specialise in new music and experimental sound installations but are equally at home with the classics.
Date: 18 Jan 2004 - 01 Feb 2004

Artist: Masters
This summer there is something for everyone from Caravaggio to Man Ray, with a host of events for all the family to enjoy. The children will be captivated with Zhenmu Shou, the Chinese warrior 'guide from the grave', fun Italian street theatre and hol
Date: 22 Dec 2003 - 22 Feb 2004

This retrospective, organised by such a respected European museum, is an important step in the worldwide recognition of this influential painter, so little known outside New Zealand and Australia.
Date: 13 Nov 2003 - 13 Dec 2003

Artist: Group
The new Asian galleries at the Art Gallery of New South Wales will be unveiled to the media by The Hon Bob Carr, Premier of New South Wales and Minister for the Arts, on Thursday 23 October 2003 at 11am.
Date: 23 Oct 2003 - 30 Nov 2003

Artist: Lord Mayor Lucy Turnbull
Sydney's Lord Mayor Lucy Turnbull will give a free talk relating to the Australian Collection at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Date: 24 Sep 2003 - 12 Oct 2003

Artist: Group
The sponsors of the Dobell Prize for Drawing, the trustees of the Sir William Dobell Foundation, have decided to double the prize money this year to $20,000.
Date: 11 Sep 2003 - 30 Nov 2003

Artist: The Winner
THE DOBELL PRIZE FOR DRAWING 2003 Announcement of the Winner Thursday, 11 September 2003, 12 noon Art Gallery of New South Wales
Date: 11 Sep 2003

Artist: Aida Tomescu
It was announced today, Thursday 11 September 2003, at the Art Gallery of New South Wales that Aida Tomescu has won the 2003 Dobell Prize for Drawing.
Date: 11 Sep 2003 - 30 Nov 2003

Artist: Mixed Masters
Weekly celebrity guests such as Hugh Mackay, Philip Brophy and Leo Schofield give insights into the Japanese elements of their world, from their secret gardens to feng shui philosophies.
Date: 18 Aug 2003 - 31 Oct 2003

Artist: Akira Isogawa
SEASONS: The Beauty of Transience in Japanese Art presents some of the finest examples of Japanese art created over 400 years. Drawn from public and private collections around Japan, the exhibition reveals the profound Japanese love and appreciation of na
Date: 16 Aug 2003 - 21 Sep 2003

Artist: Group
Fabulous events and classes. Click through for comprehensive information.
Date: 24 Jul 2003 - 31 Aug 2003

Artist: Mixed Mediums and Group
Art After Hours is sponsored by the Sydney Morning Herald, the Art Gallery Society and the President's Council.
Date: 02 Jul 2003 - 31 Jul 2003

Artist: Barry Humphries
To be opened by Mr. Barry Humphries in the new Rudy Komon Gallery at the Art Gallery of New South Wales
Date: 12 Jun 2003 - 17 Aug 2003

Artist: Aden Ridgeway, Michael Reid, Mike Nock and Edmund Capon
From Wednesday 11 June, Art After Hours will feature a series of celebrity talks, commencng with Andrew Denton and Edmund Capon.
Date: 04 Jun 2003 - 03 Jul 2003

Artist: Dalu Zhao
It was announced at the Art Gallery of New South Wales today that Sydney-based artist DALU ZHAO is the winner of the People's Choice for the 2003 Archibald prize for his portrait "Lao Fei" Stephen FitzGerald.
Date: 15 May 2003 - 15 Jun 2003

Artist: Collection
The James Fairfax Collection presents the most splendid European art ever displayed on the walls of the Art Gallery of New South Wales and certainly the most personal.
Date: 25 Apr 2003 - 20 Jul 2003

Artist: Elizabeth Powell & Keyboard Performers
Concerts in the Old Courts, films exploring the darkest depths of the imagination and live jazz are just some of the events on from April 23 until June 4 for Art After Hours, 5 - 9pm Wednesdays at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Date: 23 Apr 2003 - 04 Jun 2003

Artist: James Gleeson
This exhibition honours Australia's most notable Surrealist. It is the first overview by the Art Gallery of New South Wales of Gleeson's drawings and includes some of his earliest, made in the late 1930s, to the most recent.
Date: 12 Apr 2003 - 15 Jun 2003

Artist: Rover Thomas, Paddy Jaminji, George Mung Mung, Queenie McKenzie, Jack Britten and their contemporaries, Hector Jandany, Rusty Peters, Paddy Bedford and Madigan Thomas
OUR TRUE STORIES SYMPOSIUM Saturday 11 January 10am – 5pm Lunch, morning and afternoon tea included
Date: 15 Jan 2003 - 23 May 2003

Artist: Picasso
Special lectures, celebrity talks, films and events have been planned for each Wednesday evening. Jazz in the ArtBar from 19 February
Date: 08 Jan 2003 - 12 Feb 2003

Artist: Group
The Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship gives young artists the chance to be transformed by a genuine international experience free of financial anxiety.
Date: 20 Sep 2002 - 20 Oct 2002

Artist: Dr Fiona Nicoll
\"He was odd, ec-centric, gruff. We thought he was insane or shell shocked. But he wasn’t violent and I never had any problems with him.\" - Mary Catherine O’Donnell remembers Henry Darger in the 1940s.
Date: 15 Jan 2002 - 28 Feb 2002

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