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Blue Mountains
The Keeping Place: Gordon Syron: The Black Fella's Dreaming Museum

PO Box 295
St Peters 2044

Artist: Michelle Blakeney
NSW Parliament House – FOUNTAIN COURT July 6th – July 29th 2010
Date: 08 Jul 2010 - 29 Jul 2010

Artist: Michelle Blakeney
Date: 08 Jul 2010 - 29 Jul 2010

Artist: Gordon Syron
Event to coincide with NAIDOC Week 2010. Opened by Djon Mundine OAM and Dr. Margo Neale.
Date: 06 Jul 2010 - 31 Jul 2010

Artist: Gordon and Elaine Syron
Please use the following link and sign this petition.
Date: 20 Nov 2009 - 20 Feb 2010

Artist: Gordon Syron, Elaine Pelot-Syron and Clifford Possum
Artist Talk-Gordon Syron and Panel Discussion, With Audience Participation. Topic: What is Land Rights? Exhibition featuring investment quality paintings by Gordon Syron, a pioneer of Aboriginal art. 4:00 to 7:00 PM.
Date: 04 Jul 2009 - 28 Jul 2009

Artist: Uncle Gordon and Aunty Elaine Syron, Ken Canning, Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor, Wire MC and Choo Choo.
Gordon Syron will give a tribute to Chicka Dixon, Respected Elder & Political Activist - Official Patron of The Keeping Place.
Date: 12 Feb 2009 - 14 Feb 2009

Artist: Gordon and Elaine Syron, Ken Canning, Wire MC, Adam Hill, Lyall Munro, Djon Mundine and Geoff Turnbull, of REDWatch.
Please hear and see motivational speaches made at the Keeping Place on the Anniversay of the Apology at the Keeping Place, Redfern.
Date: 12 Feb 2009 - 30 Jun 2009

Artist: Gordon Syron
With the COFA award Gordon will have the opportunity to investigate a project during a residency that utilises COFA's arts and teaching resources that will culminate in a solo exhibition at COFA in 2009.
Date: 31 Oct 2008 - 00 0000

Artist: Gordon Syron, Brook Andrew, Bronwyn Bancroft, Badger Bates, Euphemia Bostock, Lester Bostock, Milton Budge, Robert Campbell Jnr, Karla Dickens, Kevin Gilbert, Genevieve Grieves, Adam Hill, Darlene Johnson, Warwick Keen, Roy Kennedy, Michey of Ulladulla, Frances Belle Parker, Michael Riley, Elaine Russell, Jeffrey Samuels, Ivan Sen, James P. Simon, Gordon Syron, Esme Timbrey, Laddie Timbrey, H.J. Wedge, Jason Wing and Curated by Djon Mundine.
The history of Aboriginal people in what is now called the Premier State is that of figures, numbers and shadow.
Date: 26 Sep 2008 - 26 Oct 2008

Artist: Gordon Syron and Terry Grundmann
On 24 September 2008 Gordon Syron will unveil a new set of artworks created for the first commercial gallery exhibition of Neptune's Museum and Art Gallery, directed by Terry Grundmann. These artworks include: The Poisoning of the Waterholes of Austral
Date: 24 Sep 2008 - 31 Dec 2008

Artist: Gordon Syron
4pm Sunday l2th October 2008
Date: 12 Sep 2008 - 13 Sep 2008

Artist: Turnbull
This vision shares much with the RWA’s proposal for an Aboriginal Cultural Centre, as found in its Human Services and Employment & Enterprise Plans, which is why the RWA supported the project.
Date: 20 Aug 2008 - 20 Sep 2008

Artist: Gordon Syron
Gordon was accepted into finals for 25th Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander art award.
Date: 15 Aug 2008 - 26 Oct 2008

Artist: Gordon & Elaine Syron, Geoff Turnbull and Lyn Turnbull.
As you may be aware the RWA has provided some assistance to them in the form of accommodation and payment to index the collection.
Date: 30 Jul 2008 - 30 Oct 2008

Artist: Andrew Woodhouse, president, Australian Heritage Institute [AHI]
“Gordon Syron, one of Australia’s most distinguished Indigenous artists is to be evicted by Frank Sartor’s Redfern Waterloo Authority because his premises are to be demolished for a multi-billion dollar development including apartment blocks on the contro
Date: 28 Jul 2008 - 28 Sep 2008

Artist: Gordon Syron and Eduard Figueroao
"I painted this to always remember and honour the 3 times Eduardo Figueroa was imprisoned by Pinochet"
Date: 24 Jun 2008 - 29 Jun 2008

Artist: Tanya Plibersek MP
The Adobe Software Donation Program; The Macquarie Bank Foundation Grants; Opportunity Scholarships from the Education Foundation; and The Aboriginal Business Link Program for trade show participation.
Date: 01 Apr 2008 - 30 Jun 2008

Artist: Rona Wade
We are one of Australia's premier cataloguing operations and provide services to some 60 libraries throughout Australia including the National Gallery of Australia and three State Libraries.
Date: 01 Jan 2008 - 15 Feb 2008

Artist: Gordon Frederick Syron
I wish to discuss why Aboriginal People are angry?
Date: 06 Jul 2007 - 31 Dec 2007

Artist: Mr. Gordon Frederick Syron and Ms Elaine Pelot Syron
It's a fact of life in today's world, a fact that's been repeated continually, that you never really know what you've got until it's gone.
Date: 06 Jul 2007 - 30 Jul 2007

Artist: Gordon Syron
The exhibitioin 70 % Urban is running an associated forum, "Who you callin' urban?" which will occur Friday 6th July 2007.
Date: 29 Mar 2007 - 30 Jan 2008

Artist: Lyn Stark - Mngr of Black Fella's Dreaming Museum Bangalow NSW, Elaine Pelot-Syron and Gordon Syron
“Still in the Bush” Len Beadell and ohter artworks in the collection are itemised on this page.
Date: 01 Jul 2005 - 29 Jun 2006

Artist: The Black Fella's Dreaming Museum & Gallery offers a wide range of Aboriginal Art ranging from traditional to contemporary, with a large body of brave Urban Aboriginal Art. This precious and priceless contemporary collection explores themes such as the po
The Black Fella's Dreaming Museum & Gallery offers a wide range of Aboriginal Art ranging from traditional to contemporary, with a large body of brave Urban Aboriginal Art. This precious and priceless contemporary collection explores themes such as the po
Date: 01 Jan 2005 - 14 Jul 2007

Artist: ELAINE (Kitchener) PELOT-SYRON
There are oral historians telling of massacres, stolen-children and injustice, and these true stories become our stories; part of our history, as they become accepted, and as more and more of Australia’s true history is revealed.
Date: 01 Jan 2005 - 24 Jan 2005

Artist: Gordon Syron
Painting beautiful, "Black Fairies," jolts our expectations.
Date: 09 Nov 2004 - 30 Jan 2009

Artist: Gordon Syron
"These three people represent something... The Redcoat has power with the ownership of the land. The Aboriginal is the conned one because he owns the bloody lot. Ned Kelly is an Anglo-Saxon white Australian. He speaks for himself. Greed. Money. There are
Date: 01 Jul 2000 - 10 Aug 2000

Artist: Gordon Syron, Carmel Nicholson, Lewis Burns, James P.Simon, Gary S. Jagamarra, Abraham Dakgalawuy, Darren Cooper, John James, Walangari Karntawarrra.
Black Fella’s Dreaming Gordon Syron Aboriginal Art Gallery - Darlinghurst, Catalogue, Welcome Speech and some CVs.
Date: 01 Jan 2000

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