01 Sep 2007
Signature of M

Australia's art prize in history has launched yesterday at the MCG! The SIGNATURE OF M ART PRIZE with its $150,000 first prize and a total prize pool of $180,000 will be one of the largest arts projects in this nation's history. The artist application fees as well as all profits from the auction of the 12 finalists artworks and associated events will go to a charitable cause, the Ladder Project.
Melbourne Is ... the art and "Signature of M" is the search to explore the question 'What is Melbourne?' The aim is to create a new iconic, artistic emblem for Melbourne, that gives the city a contemporary image. This is a visual time capsule for Melbourne - A personal signature for the city.

The SIGNATURE OF M art competition will explore and summarize perspectives and emotional values, it will define the architectural, cultural and the commercial landscape that shapes this unique city in today's times through art. Melbourne is part of a Siganture City Series that will compare 12 World City cultures with art.

The theme for the artists to work with was decided by the public on <> : "Melbourne is Unforgettable... Melbourne is Unforgettable for its fashion, its culture, its lifestyle and unforgettable for Australian Football."

Most importantly, the winning artwork will capture Melbourne's culture. SIGNATURE OF M will be viewed as a historical footprint for the city and a time capsule that future generations can look back on and ponder.

This is not just an arts Competition. The winning artist will give
Melbourne a lasting icon! that will represent the city worldwide.
Judges Frances Lindsay (Deputy Director National Gallery Victoria), Alexie Glass (Director Gertrude Contemporary Art Space), Eddie McGuire (CEO of Channel Nine), Red Symons (Entertainer/Radio Host), Mal Walden (Channel Ten Newsreader), Nigel Dawson (Creative Director Grey Advertising), Marsha Thomson (Parlimentary Secretary, On behalf of the Premiers Office VIC), Paul Bonichi (Director Marketing & Creative, Myer), Andrew Dimitriou (CEO AFL).


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