Morroco - Dreams of a Journey
11 Mar 2009
Global Gallery

"I like to inspire people, to find the beauty in everyday life

and to  translate that beauty into their everyday lives."

This photographic exhibition is the culmination of a journey that started as a  child, a journey that began with a dream Elizabeth Blackwell had as a child.

It lead to a fascination with far off lands, in particular Morocco. It has  seen her put an exhibition together like no other, in Sydney's Global Gallery  in Paddington.

Morocco is a country steeped in tradition and mysticism, it is a country that  has always fascinated Elizabeth not only for the richness of colour but the  fragile beauty found in everyday life. It is a place where time stands still,  where the colours and smells are so rich they take your breath away.

Where the slow pace of Moroccan life allows time to immerse yourself in the  pleasure of everyday life; good food and conversation, things that we take for  granted in Western society.

Elizabeth Blackwell has always been fascinated with the photographic medium.  It has enticed her since studying fine arts in the early 1990šs. In her work  there is a sensitivity to her subject matter, a timelessness that brings the  true Morocco to life. Whether it be watching the sunset from a desert sand  dune to meandering through the markets of Marrakech, these images all evoke  the emotion that Elizabeth Blackwell feels for this magical country.

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