13 Mar 2003

Opening on Thursday March 13, 6-8pm, 2003
by Professor John Redmond, Foundation Dean
Faculty of Art & Design, Monash University
This exhibition represents the various journeys of the students of Monash University Glass Studies. The different stages of this journey are represented, from undergraduate to post graduate studies. What is evident in the student's work is the individual expression in concept, technique and intent; their journeys are personal.
The environment that nurtures and supports each student promotes this development and the high standards achieved. The works represented describe the diversity and quality of glassmaker involved in the undergraduate and post graduate courses at Monash University.
And featured in the Cupola room...
Saturday 22nd March, 2003, 2pm, Performance
Zhu Ming is a performance artist based in Beijing, China, and was one of the artists who lived in the Beijing East Village in the early 1990's. At the time, the East Village community of artists were considered to be one of the most experimental groups in China. Many of the works produced in this period are considered as defining images of contemporary Chinese art.
Through the 1990's Zhu Ming continued staging a wide range of performances. Amongst these performances are an ongoing series of works involving the artists in a large plastic bubble, floating on open water. In March, Zhu Ming will stage a series of these performances at the Museum of Contemporary Art as part of its exhibition Liquid Sea. Starting in 1999 Zhu Ming further started to produce a series of works entitled "Luminescent Man". Where the bubble transfers the artist into a translucent enclosed space, as in a womb, with "Luminescent Man" the artist is covered in fluorescent powder, and the body becomes transcended directly outwards into the eyes of the public.
(1) Holly Grace, Leaf Type, 2002, glass
(2) Zhu Ming, Luminescent Man, 2003 (detail)
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