08 Jul 2010
The Keeping Place: Gordon Syron: The Black Fella's Dreaming Museum

These photographs where taken to be exhibited at the Sydney’s Writers Festival in 1996 when Dr Romaine Moreton had her first book launch - “The Callused Stick of Wanting”.

These images are from a 3 Part, 13 Black & White pictorial collaboration with Dr Romaine Moreton, Production Designer Claudine Sartain and Photographer Michelle Blakeney.

They were created to visually accompany Romaine’s newly published book of prose. A book which has been reviewed as being – ‘very much a collection about being a woman; and being Indigenous.’






Michelle Blakeney - Photographer

Michelle Blakeney  has been a photographer for several years- her continuing passion and ambition is to document via photography and video her own people’s unique culture, talent and history; to be presented in the form of storytelling, performance and teaching- revealing a positive image of indigenous Australians.


A resident of Sydney, she continues to work as a photographer. Photography by its very visual nature has a real power- the idea of “a picture saying a thousand words’ has a real resonance for Michelle, and it is within that context that photography itself has become a strong personal and professionally creative force in her life. Within herself, she knows she can offer a unique perspective within the realms of visuals arts.


This is Michelle Blakeneys’ first photographic exhibition.



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