ARTNews Advice Email List - CONTACT PROTOCOL
06 Nov 2015
ARTNews Advice Email List - NEWS & PLANNING

ARTNews Advice Email List - CONTACT PROTOCOL


1. Please email me with your contact detail. .

It might be fun to mention what you are most interested in.

2. Jayne validates who you are with research.

3. Jayne schedules when she is going to contact you.

4. Jayne makes the call from Skype.


ALL business with takes place remotely. We are not the sort of business that sends people out in suits to consult on changes to your web presence with the changes to be made at a future date. We make the changes while you are on the phone.


The exception to this rule is rare. This is for people I like, WHO ARE PHYSICALLY ACCESSIBLE to where I am. They will be treated to web design happening on their business premises as I enjoy making websites in the company of the client. I love making a day of it, including lunch. This is possible because website construction is a quick and easy process and I enjoy delivering exactly what the client wants most of all so you'll be asked about:

* site structure

* precise layout and

* colours and

* image placement as I go, while you go about your day. Yes. I will be sitting programming and interrupting you often.


You will decide what you want your website visitors to do when they visit your website before I arrive.


There is not a better or more effective service available.


If I had a phone number:

1. Life would be hectic.

2. I would be subjected to radiation.

3. Work would be disrupted buy random interruptions.

4. Work becomes unworkable.

5. Both good and horrible people would be able to track me and know my location. This would wreck my solitude and security and I would never be able to truly relax.

6. The above five points are true for everyone.

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