08 Oct 2015
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IT'S FINISHED!!! ARTNews security now rocks. It means that you can log on anywhere in the world on any computer and no one will be able to see your password grin emoticon You will be protected in your email, in your online editor and ftping smile emoticon

Next: new logo and design launch

Task outlined on 12th October 2015:

Security upgrades are progressing grin emoticon We are even installing SSL Certs for out ftp accounts so hold onto you hats. I look forward to announcing this is finished tomorrow grin emoticon 

BOY am I looking forward to it!

Task outlined on 9th October 2015:

ARTNews server technology was, "written," before SSL Certificates and other security devices were even invented so it's been some road to travel adapting everything we've done for this awesome technology.

Task outlined on 8th October 2015:

ARTNews' server is undergoing a major security upgrade as we speak grin emoticon

Part Two or ARTNews Security Upgrade 2015 due at 2pm tomorrow smile emoticon


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