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05 Oct 2015
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ARTNews Advice Email List - THE MAD RELATIVE


ARTNews now has a brief, compulsory workshop to be conducted with all employees who answer the phone for any ARTNews Publisher.


Do not leave inexperienced staff to fend for themselves under the pressure of dealing with a delusional person.


I have tried to stop this person from calling ARTNews people.


I contacted both solicitors and police about this situation. All the solicitors can do is to send out a letter requesting them to stop. In the police's opinion there is no one crime to police. There are only many acts of nuisance all inflicted on different people potentially generating separate cases.


They have never had any connection with ARTNews.


This workshop role plays effective methods to terminate inappropriate contact with the mentally ill person. It is designed for staff who have had no experience with mentally ill people at all and is a very simple process of disentanglement. The workshop is conducted over the phone, will not and should not consume a significant amount of time and may well help your employees prepare for other testing experiences in their dealings with the public.


I actually think it may well be worthwhile putting together a seminar on the mentally ill public in the work place but that will have to wait.


For more information on this illness please refer to Jessica Rowe's book, "The Best of Times, The Worst of Times" available here:



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