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08 Nov 2015
ARTNews Advice Email List - NEWS & PLANNING

ARTNews Advice Email List - NOMENCLATURE: a collection of definitions ultilized by ARTNews.

ARTNews: ARTNews is a business established by Jayne Waterford on 9th December 1999. Since 2003 ARTNews has specialised in online publishing for art dealers, galleries and artists.

ARTNews People: members of a group of people who are all familiar with the strategies & success of as an online venture.

ARTNews Publisher: a paid member of ARTNews who attracts Visitors and sales by controlling a Home Page and News Pages on . An ARTNews Publisher creates multiple News Pages on . All remain live and bring ongoing benefits into the long term.

An ARTNews Publisher undertakes to work through our online Unwelcome Caller Workshop with staff who answer the phone at their establishment. Please click here to read through the material.

ARTNews Publisher's Website: is the website of the ARTNews Publisher which may or may not be hosted on the ARTNews server. [We can build this for you or you may already have it hosted with someone else.]

ARTNews Website: is the website found at . This website uses four kinds of pages and other technical features to perform well in Google searches for your business name. It uses these features to out-rank other news media on searches on Google and often out-ranks an ARTNews Publisher's own website. The only place these ARTNews Visitors can go is to your Web Presence.

Exhibition Details: is the name of the dialogue box (data input fields) used to input data that describes a News Page.

Exhibition Details Editor: is the name of the online page editor that comes up when you Click to Edit Page Display. This is where you format your page content. It can be maximised so you can see what the page looks like when it fills the screen.

Genre Pages: pages on ARTNews dedicated to displaying data useful for people who have clicked on Key Words. Genre Pages display:

     1. Key Words,

     2. News Items & 

     3. links to ARTNews Publisher's Home Pages grouped according to region. 

PLEASE CLICK HERE to overview Step Down models to be used by Genre Pages in 2016.

Home Page: the strongest performing kind of page on These pages often outrank an ARTNews Publisher's own website on Google. [Don't be jealous of your Home Page's success. Your Home Page's success is your success. Bring your website to ARTNews if you are really worried about your comparative results.] Out-stripping your own website is a good thing because your ARTNews Home Page out-ranks other mentions of your business and products on Google too. An ARTNews Home Page often uses the ARTNews Publisher's own web design so Visitors move seamlessly onto your website. This means a strong page you have control of out-strips other mentions of your business on Google and guides Visitors straight to your own website. The Home Page displays & attracts traffic for:

     1. ARTNews Publisher's name & contact details,

     2. lengthy, illustrated descriptions of your business and products,

     3. News Items to all of the News Pages you have created over time, in chronological order & often

     4. a template that takes people through to your website by helping people to begin browsing your web presence. These are Visitors you are guiding with your data and technology (template).

PLEASE CLICK HERE to overview Step Down models to be used by Home Pages in 2016.

HTML5: Hyper Text Markup Language 5 (HTML5) is, "the 5th major revision of the core language of the World Wide Web." (citation) HTML5 was chosen by WHATWG & W3C as the final standard of HTML for all time on 28th October 2014. Editors making this decision included: WAHTWG: Ian Hickson - Google, Inc., W3C: Robin Berjon - W3C, Steve Faulkner - The Paciello Group, Travis Leithead - Microsoft Corporation, Erika Doyle Navara - Microsoft Corporation, Edward O'Connor - Apple Inc. & Silvia Pfeiffer.

Key Words: these words can be found in the left hand margin of ARTNews' own pages & are links that take Visitors to ARTNews Genre Pages. They are often suggested by ARTNews Publishers and are essential in describing their products.

The more Key Words selected to describe your News Page at the time of publication, the more successful the page is on both Google & ARTNews. It helps your business to make the News Pages as successful as possible. [Don't be jealous of their success. Their success is your success. If you are really worried about how your website is doing in comparison bring your website to ARTNews instead.]

All Key Words selected are relevant and describe the ARTNews Publisher's product. The Key Words are useful to our Visitors. The Key Words take our Visitors to the product they are looking for.

Mobile Compatibility: this is about web pages being useful on many different kinds of devices. If web page content displays clearly on different devices then it is compatible with them. On Mobile Compatible websites you can see a web page easily without any mobile device wrangling. Text wraps around & images resize to the right widths so they are easy to see.

Mobile Compatibility generally implies compatibility with multiple, mobile devices. Web page display will Step Down according to the width of desktops, tablets & smart phones.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to overview Step Down models chosen for ARTNews' Mobile Compatibility in March 2016.

News Item: a summary of details and links to News Pages. News Items can be found:

     1. in chronological order on the ARTNews Publisher's Home Page for the life of ARTNews from the date of publication,

     2. on selected Genre Pages selected at the time of publication from a date nominated by the ARTNews Publisher to the end date of the event &

     3. on the Regional Page relevant to the location of the ARTNews Publisher from a date nominated by the ARTNews Publisher to the end date of the event.

     Their summary includes:

     1. the title of the event which functions as a link to the News Page,

     2. the dates [from and to] when the event or product is open to the public,

     3. the name of the ARTNews Publisher which functions as a link to the ARTNews Publisher's Home Page &

     4. summary information about the event to orientate the Visitor.

News Page: a page about an event or product supplied by an ARTNews Publisher. An ARTNews Publisher can publish as many News Pages as they wish. The best News Pages show everything to do with a particular event in a scrapbook fashion, from: catalogue essays to full documentation of artworks shown at the event, accompanying review material and photographs from the event, an artist's statement or interview plus links to the artist's own pages elsewhere. News pages are best laid out with wrap around text & large, centred pictures for mobile compatibility.

These News Pages perform well on Google and gather Visitors to your website.

Links to these News Pages are displayed in News Items.

Old News Pages remain on and continue to bring Visitors to you. They can be freshened from time to time. They also remain available on ARTNews because of the essential nature of our history. It's fascinating to search for an artist's name and see what they have participated in over the years. 

PLEASE CLICK HERE to overview Step Down models to be used by News Pages in 2016.

Publisher's Account: the pages, data management console, editor, template, news items, links and other data pertaining to an ARTNews Publisher.

Regional Page: pages that divide ARTNews Publishers & their News Items according to region. These regions can be states, territories or capital cities.

The Regional Pages display:

     1. Key Words,

     2. News Items,

     3. Links to ARTNews Publisher's Home Pages &

     4. Links to ARTNews Publisher's Websites 

PLEASE CLICK HERE to overview Step Down models to be used by Regional Pages in 2016.

Sponsored Publisher: one of three people who contribute to ARTNews sponsored by ARTNews

     1. a member of a remote Aboriginal community,

     2. a tertiary art school or

     3. an art award.

Step Down: how web page display changes (Steps Down) as browser width gets smaller from desktop; to tablet; to mobile phone width.

Open a website and grab the corner of a browser, make the browser progressively smaller on your screen to watch how the display Steps Down. 

PLEASE CLICK HERE to overview Step Down models to be used by ARTNews in 2016.

Visitor: Someone who visits a website on the internet.

Web Presence: Your Web Presence is the content on pages you have on the Internet that you have control over. They might be a whole website, or pages on ARTNews in a Publisher's Account, wordpress pages, forum posts or any other kind of presence on the World Wide Web.

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