17 Nov 2015
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Aboriginal Communities is a project sponsored by ARTNews built to increase awareness of the identity and locations of remote communities under the pressure of forced closure by the government and mining interests.

The project is about publishing artwork done in the community along side information about the artist, community and a map. Though I realise such a thing is only a very small contribution to awareness it is something that ARTNews can do. The pages will be used in contact with other media to celebrate your location and community.

ARTNews invites anyone in a community under threat to participate.

Each community that participates will be a Sponsored Publisher.

ARTNews understands the personal and special nature of information about a person's place of origin and so we will be suggesting the option of contributing community artworks (made by a group) to our Aboriginal Communities project. Individuals are still welcome to contribute and have a permanent page in a forum visited by dealers on a site that can track and promote your career.

All of the promotional work for this project is being done by word of mouth on the phone. If you would like our co-ordinator to call you, please go to the front page of our website site (by clicking here ) and use the SEND US INFORMATION field at the top of the page to send us your name and number or email if you prefer.

On ARTNews each community artist or group is invited to publish, on one permanent page each:

* Large photographs of artworks (up to four per artist or group though its okay if it's just one),

* Names of the individual, people or group who created the artwork or artworks with the title of the work and year it was made,

* The name of the remote community,

* A section of map from Google Maps pin-pointing where your community is and

* Any information you like that describes the impact of this difficult experience. This information can be assembled by interview over the phone or by statement emailed to the co-ordinator. This item is optional.

Every artist gets their own page. Each community can have multiple artists and pages.

Each page is created with mobile compatibility and medium-term, future development in mind.

The page displaying this information will be up on ARTNews for the life of ARTNews, which is already ostensibly long (in its current form since 2003).

Pages already created and ready to be filled with fabulous information about your place can be found here:

Aboriginal Communities Regional Western Australia
Aboriginal Communities Perth
Aboriginal Communities Northern Territory
Aboriginal Communities Darwin
Aboriginal Communities Regional Queensland
Aboriginal Communities Brisbane
Aboriginal Communities South Australia
Aboriginal Communities Adelaide
Aboriginal Communities Victoria
Aboriginal Communities New South Wales
Aboriginal Communities Sydney (You never know.)
Aboriginal Communities Australian Capital Territory
Aboriginal Communities Tasmania

They already display on pages divided into different regions in Australia including:

Regional Western Australia
Northern Territory
Regional Queensland
South Australia
New South Wales
Sydney (You never know.)
Australian Capital Territory

They are also available on key word pages called:

Aboriginal Art
& Time .

Your particular page featuring your work will be available from any key word pages on ARTNews that describe the artwork plus the regional page and your community page. To overview the key words please go to our front page ( ) and you'll find the list in alpha order down the left hand side.


ARTNews would be really happy to create a page especially for your country. The website address would be:

http:// / aboriginalcommunities*countryname* /media

and would be available under the broader classification of regional pages already on . It will be found by Google with a direct link to your information.

Your own country's page within Aboriginal Communities would be called:

Aboriginal Communities *Country Name*


Any page you would like to feature your own design, with multiple artist's pages specific to your country showing more information than is covered by the six things described above, for the purpose of selling artwork, is possible but would be an ARTNews Publisher's account. Please click here to find more information about our services to galleries and artists around Australia:

To read about the genesis of this idea please click here for a breakdown of how the project was developed.

If you'd like to write to our co-ordinator in person please send mail to GPO Box 2115, Brisbane, 4001. We love receiving letters.


The way I see this project playing out is that communities will have a lot of fun publishing and trading their artwork via ARTNews.

I also see the material being picked up by main stream media to answer the perennial questions, "where are we talking about," and, "what is out there," as I will be using it for that specific purpose in the new year.

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