ARTNews Advice Email List - ART SCHOOLS
16 Nov 2015
ARTNews Advice Email List - NEWS & PLANNING

ARTNews Advice Email List - ART SCHOOLS

ARTNews is inviting all professional artists who showed at a tertiary art school to data enter material surrounding that show(s) for publication in the school's account: catalogue essays, photographs of artworks with attendant title, year of make and artist's name, dates of show and scanned fliers.

All of the material pertaining to one show will be published on the same page. The artist may contribute to several pages about several different shows.

When an artist contributes relevant material to the page of an art school on ARTNews there is no obligation on their part because the art school is a Sponsored Publisher.

When preparing information for publication please attend to the following:

1. Please name all image files with the year and your name first, formatted the same way so that the images fall into a chronological order in the school's images folder. Please ensure no gaps or symbols in the image file name so as best to accommodate old browsers on old Macs.

2. Please double check your dates.

3. Please format the page with mobile compatibility in mind. I interpret this as large images with relevant text in a vertical column with no horizontal layout. Images must be able to size up and down according to multiple browser widths. It also implies no line breaks in text so that text may wrap around different browser widths, from large computer screens to small mobile phone displays.

4. Current art school exhibitions will be available here:

5. After the show has closed the page will be archived and available in three places: on the page of the relevant school, by Google searches and by the engine .

The ultimate fate of archived material is under consideration.

Would you please send your interest in this project and some information about your show to the following email address? It's understood that the pictures and text published in an art school's account is done so with the permission of the artist and that the text sent with the images of artwork is adequate review material that will enable ARTNews to use the artist's copyright by displaying images of their artworks on the page.

Pages you create about your early, art school career will be available for the life of ARTNews which is already ostensibly long.

If you are faced with a wealth of documentation on your artwork shown at art school break the information into shows with different dates and titles and then ask yourself how many pictures would I be happy to download on each page on my phone?

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