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09 Dec 2015
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ARTNews Advice Email List - PERPETUAL TROPHY

ARTNews awards a perpetual trophy to be held by the publisher of the oldest data* on The inaugural winner was announced on our 16th birthday, 9th December 2015. From this time the trophy will be handed on the moment someone publishes even older data.


I am very pleased to announce the inaugural winner of the ARTNews Perpetual Trophy is DR. FIONA NICOLL with her ARTNews commissioned essay: (The World May Be) Fantastic - Biennale of Sydney, 2002 (15 Jan 2002), narrowly beating CLINTON CROSS: Paintings from Queensland (24 Jul 2002).

ARTNews awards a perpetual trophy for the oldest page on ARTNews. The prize will most likely be handed on to a very old professional artist's art school page or the earliest gallery in Sydney, which is one of three at the moment. It depends on who has the oldest data. It's our hope that older and older pages will be published in our archive for future mobile device Googlers to enjoy access to.

Alchemist Glenn Hoyle of Blueshed Engineering, Orange, NSW has taken on the specs to produce a substantial trophy that is: able to be engraved, looks the business in a photograph, is affordable to post around the country and yet robust enough to withstand the rigours of the post. ARTNews will take delivery of the trophy after the Christmas rush. 

The oldest data will be determined by the oldest dates entered in the start, opening and close dates of a news page. These display as DD MMM YYYY (start date) - DD MMM YYYY (close date) in the search results. The item also must not be, "hidden," which implies an undetermined status.

Dating this example:

Salonbim Presents: Brandon Cavallari SURVEY EXHIBITION OF SELECTED SMALL WORKS 1987 - 2007
Dates: 12 Dec 2009 - 20 Dec 2009
This link takes visitors to material made in 1987 but shown in 2009 (12 Dec 2009). The date of the data is therefore 2009. If the 1987 material was shown in 1987 and a page was published with the exhibition start and closing dates contemporaneous to the material then the date of the data would be 1987. As it is the data is about an event held in 2009.
All history is essential to our identity.
*Oldest data: a page about the the oldest event.

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