12 Dec 2015
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HTML5: Hyper Text Markup Language 5 (HTML5) is, "the 5th major revision of the core language of the World Wide Web." (citation) HTML5 was been chosen by WHATWG & W3C as the final standard of HTML for all time on 28th October 2014. was written in 2003 & 2004 in HTML3&4. ARTNews pages will be converted to HTML5 when they are opened and saved in our new online editor in 2016. This will have another dramatic impact on their success on Google.

Mobile Compatibility: generally implies easy display on multiple, mobile devices with no device wrangling. Web page display will Step Down according to the width of desktops, tablets & smart phones.

Different kinds of pages on ARTNews will be Mobile Compatible in different ways in our March 2016 incarnation.

     1. Regional & Genre Pages will present current columns of data that will Step Down from four columns, to two and then one, as the display Steps Down from tablet & desktop displays to mobile phones.

     2. The News & Home Pages will continue to present the published information in one column. Text will wrap around the page in a legible size. Images will be centred on large devices & will resize to 100% the width of the screen when the device width is smaller than the image.

In anticipation of Mobile Compatibility we strongly recommend that all News Pages are created with no line breaks in text and images as wide as your computer screen. Enter descriptive data underneath the image with no line breaks.

The two methods of Stepping Down illustrated above will be available for application to your own ARTNews modified websites and templates.

Home Pages that do not utilise their own template will Step Down the same way as Regional & Genre Pages  in model one with Key Words and regional links displaying at the bottom of their page. 

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