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01 Jan 2015
ARTNews Advice Email List - NEWS & PLANNING


All pricing includes G.S.T.

All ARTNews billing will be made through ABN 20 389 101 327.

All of the products below include page format upgrades to mobile compatibility at the end of February/beginning of March 2016. To view diagrammes of the mobile compatibility models your phones will be using please click here.

If any of our nomenclature is confusing you please click here to read our definitions.

 ARTNews provides three packages by annual subscription.



ARTNews Publisher's Home Page Using ARTNews' Template

This set of products (drawn in green above) guides visitors to your business via pages that you control. It specialises in out-ranking other mentions of your business name on Google, often including your own website.

ARTNews does not take visitors from your website. It takes visitors from other mentions of your business on the Internet by out-ranking them. Our ARTNews Home Page out-ranking even your own website is better than your website only being out-ranked by web pages you have no control over. Lost visitors become visitors you are re-directing.

An ARTNews page bearing your data brings visitors back under your control. The home page takes visitors looking for your words to pages dedicated to selling your product instead of other sites. ARTNews' strength in this area is only going to increase.

The ARTNews Home Page package includes:
  1. being found by the ARTNews Search Engine,
  2. a unique ARTNews Home Page address,
  3. inclusion on any ARTNews promotional products made and distributed in your area,
  4. use and benefit from all of the technology built into our site that we have developed over the years. 
  5. A page display which succinctly presents data found by Google for visitors to interact with. Visitors can:
    • click on your website site link at the top of your page,
    • see your contact details at the top of the page clearly,
    • read and enjoy feature information you have featured on your home page,
    • click on any of the news item links to any news pages you have created over time as they list in chronological order down your home page,
    • have confidence in your product by engaging with your history, coming back to your home page each time because the links on the top of each hard working, news page only come back to you.
  6. A console displaying the following tools:

A Details Dialogue Box where you:

  • update your details as they advise visitors to your home page and ARTNews
  • provide summary data for ARTNews promotional products like maps
  • update your administration details for our interaction with your organisation
  • update your regional classification should you relocate (Selecting a regional classification publishes links to your home page and website on ARTNews regional pages.)
  • select key words that describe your business and product comprehensively (Each key word selected replicates links to your home page on genre pages and increases the home page's performance on Google.)
  • update your website address to take visitors directly to your website from your home page and regional page on ARTNews.

An Exhibitions Folder where you:

  • create news pages*, (* See news pages and related news items definition on our nomenclature page.)
  • control when you want news items to appear on ARTnews' regional and genre pages,
  • add data from different events for archive purposes over time,
  • get more mileage out of your catalogue essays and other promotional material by publishing it on news pages and
  • feature guests and artists at events associated with shows your are promoting to sell art.

A Pages Folder where you will find one page listed called ARTNews Homepage. This is where you:

  • publish feature content that will appear above your list of news items. It's good to change this feature content regularly as a way of freshening your page and keeping more people in touch with what is happening in your business.
Dealers & Galleries $698 p.a.
Artists $450 p.a.



ARTNews Publisher's Home Page + Template From Your Own Website

This set of products (drawn in blue above) ties in with your pre-existing website and will take web visitors to your business & keep them there. The home page also outranks other mentions of your business on Google, often including your own website, but looks like your own website. Visitors can only go to your website from this high ranking product.

The ARTNews Home Page + Template package includes:

  1. all of the services listed in the ARTNews Home Page package (1)
  2. a template that is built and maintained as a part of the annual fee quoted above.
  3. We do insist on keeping a copy of images and CSS commands used in your template display otherwise we do not provide the template. We also insist on being copied in on an email from your developer given you permission for us to display their work on ARTNews' pages. These two provisos were developed out of experience.
  4. The template utilised on your ARTNews Home Page from now until our mobile compatiblity upgrade will be html. It will display features that are identifiably from your website, that will ultimately step down nicely to a mobile device display in March 2016.

The ARTNews Home Page can display a unique template without a pre-existing website. The ARTNews Home Page can even act as your own website. You can point a website domain name to this page.

Dealers & Galleries $712 p.a.
Artists $698 p.a.

ARTNews Publisher's

This set of products (drawn in blue above) takes web visitors to your business and keeps them there. Your business pages built using this product will also out-rank other mentions of your business on Google and will include your own website. Visitors will necessarily remain on your business pages.

The ARTNews Publisher's Website package includes:

  1. all of the services listed in the ARTNews Home Page package (1)
  2. all of the services listed in the ARTNews Home Page + Template package (2)
  3. incorporates ARTNews home page as your news page.
  4. more pages in your Pages Folder:
    • this means you can open each page on your website online and edit text and images.
  5. incorporates the news pages editor as a means of managing new pages that update both your website and ARTNews which means more places for your news pages to appear:
    • news items can list chronologically on a page on your own website as well as on your ARTNews Home page.
    • news items to current or future events can list especially, for example, on your front page.
  6. upgrade to mobile compatibility is included in the price quoted above. Please click here for an overview of the two models of mobile compatiblity you can choose between. Any other options will be a separate development not included in this package.
  7. tutorials on page layout that will set you up for easy conversion to mobile compability.
  8. more enquiries from the internet than your competators during slow times, due to your presence on ARTNews by virtue of publishing with our product. This is the lived experience of all of our clients through time. 
Dealers & Galleries $1020 p.a.
Artists $712 p.a. 

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