a e i o u
25 May 2006
Nellie Castan Gallery

Clinton Nain: a e i o u

25 May – 18 June 2006      
Everything about the art of Clinton Nain is intentional. Every stroke tells a story. His work deals with the continuing difficulty of Australia’s Indigenous peoples in their land of
neo-colonisation, and further question and plea for a resolution in contemporary Australia. The hand that marks the canvas is bold and allows the medium to perform; bleach and sgraffito for historical erasure, bitumen for colonial tracking.

‘The artist is asking questions: Why has it come to this? How has it come to this? Who is responsible?’1 However the artist’s questions, along with his peoples, do not seem to be understood. Just as his poem a e i o u suggests, Nain questions whether White Australia even listen, or understand the words of Indigenous peoples, and his paintings display the frustrations associated.

Clinton Nain is a visual and performance artist. He graduated with his Masters from the University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts in 2003. He has had numerous solo exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin and Brisbane, and group exhibitions nationally and internationally. His work features in the L’art urbain du Pacifique travelling exhibition that opened mid 2005 in Limosin, France, the recently curated exhibition Dancelines at The Arts Centre in Melbourne, and Landmarks at the National Gallery of Victoria.

a e i o u


“Speak English”

Clinton Nain 2006

1. Wally Caruana and Mark Peart The Dirty Deal Ain’t Clean catalogue essay June 2005

level 1, 12 river street, south yarra, victoria 3141
opening: 6 - 8pm thurday 25 may
exhibition ends: sunday 18 june
hrs: tuesday to sunday 12-5pm  t: 03 9804 7366

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