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Blue Mountains
Gig Gallery

61 2 9660 2785

70a Glebe Point Road
Glebe 2037
Tues-Thurs 10-6

GIG Gallery, the ever-changing exhibition/Hire space adjacent to the perennial Glass Artists' Gallery in Glebe, Sydney.

GIG is  fresh, new gallery encouraging new work from emerging and established artists working in any medium.  Street frontage, track lighting and 60 Square meters of space just waiting for innovative new work from talented artists.  GIG Gallery is well equipped for solo shows and is a perfect size for curated group exhibitions.

We support and encourage NSW visual artists and craft people and to ensure they have the opportunity to exhibit their work publicly, gain wider exposure and to generate sales and commissions to sustain their art practise.

GIG Gallery was formed to cater for all artists.  Whether the work is of a professional, commercial nature or experimental and site specific ĘC GIG has contracts that cater for every type of exhibition.

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Artist: Liz McKay and fantastic Sydney instrumental band 'Greenland'
Date: 29 Mar 2005 - 02 Apr 2005

Sculptural and vessel Forms, Works on Paper, artist books and objects. School of Art & Design University of Wollongong
Date: 15 Mar 2005 - 27 Mar 2005

Artist: Evelyn Pultara
Evelyn Pultara's paintings have been exhibited in Melbourne, London and Milan yet she has never seen the sea...that is about to change! Red Sand Art Gallery (NT) and Waterhole Aboriginal Art are bringing Evelyn to Sydney.
Date: 01 Jan 2005 - 14 Feb 2005

Artist: Mark Eliott and Zhonu Moon, Simon Butler, Deb Cocks, Rod Coleman, David Hay, Keith Rowe. Also Chris Arnold.
The opening is this Tuesday evening featuring improvised flamework demonstrations by Mark Eliott and Zhonu Moon in collaboration with the live music of Sydney based improvisational band DMDP.
Date: 07 Dec 2004 - 19 Dec 2004

Artist: Tony King, Maureen and Miranda
But there's such a wealth of ingenuity poured into this, and it's succesful in it's mission to be played whilst dining and wining, or for my part relaxing after a meal with something a tad exotic in the glass. Now let's hear "Beer Music"!
Date: 05 Oct 2004 - 24 Oct 2004

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