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Blue Mountains
Global Gallery

61 2 9360 5728
61 411 426 184
5 Comber Street
Paddington 2021
Tues-Sat 11-6, Sun 12-4

One of Paddington's biggest galleries specialising in large group exhibitions from a variety of emerging, contemporary artists. Extensive stockroom available for viewing with independent consultancy.

Global Gallery is an innovative exhibition space presenting emerging & mid-career artists. Fortnightly exhibitions of a contemporary nature.
If you have some free time on Saturday Afternoon, we have our regular "meet the artist afternoon" from 2-4pm.

The artist has endured rain, cold, wind and sun over five seasons of 2008/09 to produce this body of work.
Date: 17 Feb 2010 - 27 Feb 2010

Artist: Wild McAllister
Wild returns with ”a conversation with myself” her first exhibition in seven years, at Global Gallery Paddington from 17 February 2010.
Date: 17 Feb 2010 - 28 Feb 2010

Artist: Rebeccah Dent
Dent’s work has also been featured in a number of publications such as House and Garden, Home Beautiful and Shop Till You Drop and has had a significant number of private and corporate commissions held in collections in Australia and overseas, including N
Date: 16 Nov 2009 - 29 Nov 2009

Artist: Scott Cardamatis and Joseph Saad
To be opened by Hon. Bob Carr on Wednesday 29th July 6-8 pm 2009. Afternooon Drinks with the artists Saturday August 8th 2-5pm.
Date: 29 Jul 2009 - 09 Aug 2009

To be opened by John Olsen, Wednesday 6 May, 6 - 8pm.
Date: 06 May 2009 - 24 May 2009

Artist: Fundikira Kippaya
Meet the artist afternoon drinnks, Saturday 28th March 2-4 pm.
Date: 25 Mar 2009 - 04 Apr 2009

Artist: Elizabeth Blackwell
"I like to inspire people, to find the beauty in everyday life and to translate that beauty into their everyday lives."
Date: 11 Mar 2009 - 22 Mar 2009

Artist: dominicWYkanak, Helena Geiger - Batik Artist, Jeff Hamilton - Stained Glass Artist, Mary-Jane Leahy - Composer, Peter Morris - Sandstone Sculptor, Nic Nieuwoudt - Photographer and Ian Holmes - Painter
SYDNEY - Stained glass, batik, photography, sandstone and paint, interconnected by music, form the framework of the six artist Samjjana Group Exhibition, which opens at Paddington’s Global Gallery on Wed., 15 Oct.
Date: 15 Oct 2008 - 26 Oct 2008

Artist: LENI KAE
Kae then specialises in the "science of colour", with personalised works of art infused with vibrant colour and form chosen specifically to harmonise with individual personalities, psyche and environment; and designed to prompt neurological responses that
Date: 02 Jul 2008 - 13 Jul 2008

Afternoon drinks with the artists Saturday 12 nd July from 2pm This exhibition could be seen as controversial by some but this is a familiar theme for Rone Waugh who has been exploring the beauty of the female form and sexuality for many years.
Date: 02 Jul 2008 - 13 Jul 2008

Artist: Athena Xenakis and Panos Levendi
Athena's exciting range of paintings, sculptures and her striking "Out of this world" installation
Date: 24 May 2008 - 25 May 2008

Artist: Rados Stevanovic
In Australia Rados has been selected as a finalist at the Dobell Drawing Prize Exhibition in 1999 and again in2000.
Date: 19 Mar 2008 - 30 Mar 2008

Artist: Wilderness Society, with Kerry Trapnell
Wilderness Society Presents: Cape York: One of the Last Great Wild Places on Earth with artist Kerry Trapnell
Date: 28 May 2007 - 10 Jun 2007

Artist: Nathaniel Eckstrom
Also worthy of mention is the ‘Meet the Artist’ afternoon which we will be hosting on Saturday the 26th May from 2pm. This casual event of afternoon drinks provides the public with the opportunity to talk to the artists about their artistic practice.
Date: 16 May 2007 - 27 May 2007

Artist: Yosi Messiah, Sokquon Tran, Michelle Day, Rudy Kistler and Rachael Hill
& other selected works from our stockroom
Date: 24 Apr 2007 - 29 May 2007

Artist: Robert Bates, Oliver Watts, Matt Bowyer, Karl Emmett, Trent Shepheard, Giles Thackway
Karl Emmett produced a series of photographs of Santa Claus in a rather compromising light.
Date: 07 Dec 2006 - 20 Dec 2006

Artist: Dael Oates
Talented Dael has practised photography for a decade and is currently an art director at leading visual effects company Animal Logic.
Date: 16 Aug 2006 - 27 Aug 2006

Artist: Mark Vincent
a colourful three month voyage in a medieval medina in southern morocco through the eyes of Sydney artist MARK VINCENT
Date: 02 Aug 2006 - 13 Aug 2006

Artist: Rachael Kiang: Gallery Curator & Manager, featuring: Gitte Backhausen, Jacob Burge, Emma Coulter, Sarah-Mace Dennis, Ariella Friend, Kate Hansen, Petter Hoel, Emma Morthey, Flora Parrott, Belinda Smith, Marc Standing, Laura Stekovic, Dale Watkins and Kath
If so, NEW BREED is one exhibition you wouldn't want to miss. Featuring works across a range of media from painting and print-making to photography and installation by 14 young artists, NEW BREED is a visual arts showcase that unearths exciting emerging t
Date: 29 Jul 2006 - 30 Jul 2006

Artist: Group
216 photographic works
Date: 03 May 2006 - 21 May 2006

Artist: Justin Feuerring
This Saturday, Global Gallery is having a special afternoon BBQ and drinks to celebrate the success of Justin Feuerring's Solo Exhibition here at the gallery.
Date: 29 Apr 2006 - 10 May 2006

Artist: rachel carroll, steve lewis, kelly stewart and joel tarling
Revolving around the themes of the city and nature, PULP puts the spotlight on the paper medium in contemporary art practice. Each artist employs different techniques and materials, from silkscreen prints and drawings to acrylics.
Date: 18 Mar 2006 - 01 Apr 2006

Artist: cindy care, renee coren, nicole hands, heydy martinez, ree sorbello and alarice van den berg
Ranging from collagraphs and etchings to paintings and photography on fabric, the exhibition probes into each artist's use of layers as a means to mask and distract from the emotional and spiritual.
Date: 08 Mar 2006 - 19 Mar 2006

Artist: Anne Austin, Robyn Hammond, Panni Roseth and Timna Taylor.
Dreamscapes & DreamFormations - Afternoon Drinks with the Artists Sat 18th February 2-4pm. Also please join us for the opening of Collage & Textures on Wednesday 22nd February from 6-8pm. We look forward to your company.
Date: 22 Feb 2006 - 05 Mar 2006

Artist: Jonathan Sankey and oil paintings by Merryn Spencer, Kelly Azizi and hauntingly beautiful photo series of Melissa Azizi and Will Kuether. .
February is the season of DREAMS at Global Gallery. Each piece reflects the artist\'s daydreams or nightmares. The presentation includes a performance by string quartet group \"The Lunar Quartet\".
Date: 08 Feb 2006 - 19 Feb 2006

Artist: Fred Alwahan, Lucy Bella, Mathew Bowyer, Carrie Codeke, Karen Farrell, Olivia Ferrier, Caz Haswell, Jalanta Janavicius, Cheryll Johns, Camie Lyons, Viviane Martin, Tom McNamara, Larissa Patrique, Sallie Portnoy, Peter Read, Raimonds Rumba, Greg Salter, Fe
As the first show of the year, SCULPTURE 2006 will feature a large number of excellent sculptors working with an eye-popping variety of materials from bronze to limestone, glass to clay. SCULPTURE 2006 departs from the norm of sculpture on pedestals only
Date: 18 Jan 2006 - 05 Feb 2006

Artist: Tsuzen Nakajima and Simone Maynard
exquisite woodblock prints by renowned Japanese artist Tsuzen Nakajima. Having exhibited internationally in San Francisco and London, this will be Nakajima's first major solo show in Australia. Featuring alongside Nakajima is talented Melbourne mixe
Date: 10 Nov 2005 - 20 Nov 2005

Artist: Alison Coulthurst - Liz Cuming - Rachel Burns - Caroline Kha - Norma Gray - Michèle Marshall - Caroline Zilinsky - Rowena Gibbs - Deirdre Brennan - Ashley Morgan - Lorraine Deer - Margarita Georgiadis
... or for afternoon drinks with the artists Saturday 5th November, 2-4pm
Date: 26 Oct 2005 - 06 Nov 2005

Artist: Jane Chatfield, Liz Dunn, Lucy Barker, Suzie Riley, Carolyn Jones, Lorraine Folb, Suzanne Duncan, Michaelle Fitzgerald, Debbie Waters, Donna Ravenscroft, Ann Gordon, Kate Irish and Helena Cornelius.
After 4 very successful group shows over the last few years, Global Gallery invites you to "The Edge by invitation", an exhibition of abstract art, curated by celebrated artist and teacher, Annette Pringle.
Date: 12 Oct 2005 - 23 Oct 2005

Artist: Justin Feuerring and Anthony Bartok
This exhibition will go down in history ! Meet the artists is on 8 October 2005 at2 pm.
Date: 28 Sep 2005 - 09 Oct 2005

Artist: Lionel Wishart, Wayne Churcher
These exhibitions continue until 22nd May 2005, with an "afternoon drinks with the artists" on Saturday 21st May, 2-4pm.
Date: 11 May 2005 - 22 May 2005

Artist: Peter Sesselmann
And don't forget this Saturday 9th April is our "Meet the Artists" afternoon drinks, from 2 - 4pm for our current exhibition, "Come Up & See My Etchings".
Date: 13 Apr 2005 - 24 Apr 2005

Artist: Nina Pesut, Jess Winch, Jan Melville, Kerrie Oliver, Saffron Drew, Joshua Parry, Carrie Codeke, Beverley Filmer, Isabel Muldoon, Natalie Scriven, Suzie Grgurevic, Leigh Davenport, Jill Carter-Hansen, Jennifer Orchard, Rosanna Jurisevic, Sophie McDonald, A
And don't forget this Saturday 26th is our "Meet the Artists" afternoon drinks, from 2 - 4pm for our current Decorative exhibition.
Date: 30 Mar 2005 - 10 Apr 2005

Artist: Saffron Drew, Natalie Scriven, Jess Winch, Sam Everett and Janet Parker Smith
Please join us next Wednesday night, 16th March, from 6-8pm for the opening of 5 decorative solo exhibitions
Date: 16 Mar 2005 - 24 Mar 2005

Artist: 23 sculptors & 15 artists
Love Lives "05" opens Wednesday 9th February
Date: 05 Feb 2005 - 20 Feb 2005

Artist: Linda Dry-Parker, Karen Benton, Ann Gordon, Kristen Radge & Dee Adams
We hope you will be able to join us!
Date: 10 Nov 2004 - 21 Nov 2004

Artist: Feyona van Stom, Patrick Bousseton, Linda Dry-Parker, Judith Johnson, Simon Weir, Bronwyn Davies, Anthony Bartok, Jean Dominique Martin, Snezana Ulbrich, Diane Human, Renee Coren & Selina Woolcott-Forbes.
"Body & Soul", a group exhibition showcasing 12 artists and their exploration of the human form and emotion.
Date: 06 Nov 2004 - 07 Nov 2004

Artist: Shane Pickett, Irwin Lewis, Pauline Moran, Omborrin, Lucy Ward, and the Yarri Yarri artists and including work by Lesley Dimmick, Sandra Guy, Leah-Kate Hannaford, Dennis Mortimer & Devon John Landau..
This exhibition highlights the cool sophistication and calm abstracts of Shane Pickett and Irwin Lewis, the deceptively conventional and technically stunning landscapes of Pauline Moran, with the culturally significant and strong works of Omborrin, Lucy W
Date: 28 Aug 2004 - 01 Sep 2004

Artist: Elizabeth Ann MacGregor and a talented group of mixed media artists led by Mixed Media Artist and Teacher, Annette Pringle.
Mixed media is the use of different mediums such as acrylic, oil and collage on a structural ground like paper or canvas. An artist may also experiment with some less common mediums such as bitumen and shellac.
Date: 04 Aug 2004 - 30 Aug 2004

Artist: Katherine Atkinson, Tina Christensen, Sophie Dalgleish, Kirsten Drewes, Holo Ellis, Stephanie Gregory, Rochelle Grigg, Rachel Hill, Meagan Jacobs, Christine Maudy, Sophie Seeger and Victoria Thomas.
Pure Abstraction or Nature Abstracted? ABSTRACTION at Global Gallery has both covered. The three week group exhibition will feature various takes on abstract painting by 12 women artists.
Date: 01 Jul 2004 - 02 Jul 2006

Artist: karen benton, paul grimshaw and graham stocks
His work will fill the entire gallery for two weeks, and then move on to Athens for exhibition during the Olympic Games. Don't miss fantastic paintings tackling the "big" classical issues of life and death - some of them are erotic - and great quirky draw
Date: 02 Jun 2004 - 13 Jun 2004

Artist: Karen Benton, Paul Grimshaw, Graham Stocks
This coming Sunday 16 May 1-3pm where 45 artists from this sole parents show will be here to share a glass of wine with you.
Date: 19 May 2004 - 30 May 2004

Artist: Robert Coleby, Judith Johnson and Susan Cowley Carrasco
We also invite you and your friends to the opening of STILL MIGHTY on Wednesday the 5th May from 6-8pm.
Date: 01 May 2004 - 16 May 2004

Artist: Robert Coleby, Judith Johnson and Susan Cowley Carrasco
This exhibition showcases the bold and figurative works.
Date: 21 Apr 2004 - 02 May 2004

Artist: linda johnson and michael muir
with recent work by pia de la vega
Date: 31 Mar 2004 - 11 Apr 2004

Artist: Robyn Nolan, Alice Reynolds, Corrie Codeke, Ree Sorbello, Kay Donaldson, Linda Bell, Gweneth Buckle, Terry Rouhan, Satu Bushell & Alan Healey.
Please join us this Saturday 28th February, 2-4pm for a 'meet the artists' afternoon for our current exhibition 'Connections'.
Date: 28 Feb 2004

Artist: Group
We look forward to seeing you at the 'LOVE LIVES' opening Wednesday 4th February, 2004, 6 - 8pm or our special Valentines Day opening on Saturday 14th February, 2 - 4pm.
Date: 04 Feb 2004 - 14 Feb 2004

Artist: 21 artists
with a Saturday afternoon "meet the artists" opening on January 24th at 2pm.
Date: 13 Jan 2004 - 24 Jan 2003

JOIN US FOR A MEET THE ARTISTS AFTERNOON ON SATURDAY 13th DECEMBER, 2 to 4 pm. Art-lovers will experience an ³uplifting underwater immersion² through the bold forms and rich colours of his contemporary canvasses and photo-art.
Date: 03 Dec 2003 - 24 Dec 2003

Artist: Lynnette Gould, Simon Weir, Suzanne Platt
Date: 19 Nov 2003 - 30 Nov 2003

Artist: Linda Dry-Parker and Feyona Van Stom with Emilio D'Aguanno and Debbie Biddle
Date: 05 Nov 2003 - 16 Nov 2003

Artist: Gina Basger, Julie Cantel, Gavin Smith, Steven Paschetto
An informal afternoon where you can meet the artists of our current exhibtion and discuss their work.
Date: 20 Sep 2003

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