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Artist: Jane Campion starring Abbie Cornish and Ben Whishaw
You can see the trailer here: It looks beautiful.
Date: 26 Dec 2009 - 30 Jan 2010

Artist: Mickey Rourke (Randy), Marisa Tomei (Cassidy), Evan Rachel Wood (Stephanie), Mark Margolis (Lenny), Todd Barry (Wayne), Wass Stevens (Nick Volpe), Judah Friedlander (Scott Brumberg), Ernest Miller (The Ayatollah) and Dylan Summers (Necro Butcher), Darren Aronofsky (Director), Robert Siegel (Screen Play), Maryse Alberti (Cinematographer), Andy Weisblum (Editor), Douglas Crosby (Stunt Co-ordinator), Clint Mansell (Score) and Bruce Springsteen (wrote and performed the featured song, 'The Wrestler').
"Are you comfortable with a staple gun?"
Date: 15 Jan 2009 - 15 Mar 2009

Artist: Woody Allen (Writer and Director), Javier Aguirresarobe (Director of Photography), Alisa Lepselter (Editor), A Pelthora of Talent (Music), Sonia Grande (Costume Design), Juliet Taylor & Patricia DiCerto (Casting), Javier Bardem (Juan Antonio Gonzalo - a painter who accepts that life has no meaning what-so-ever), Patricia Clarkson (Judy Nash), Penelope Cruz (Maria Elena - drama queen), Kevin Dunn (Mark Nash), Rebecca Hall (Vicky - Woody Allen with a pretty face and tits), Scarlett Johansson (Cristina - sex kitten searching for a counter-intuitive love), Chris Messina (Doug).
"VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA" is Woody Allen's humourous take on "MULHOLLAND DRIVE" only instead of aspiring to Hollywood our girls take their American experience to Europe, specifically as defined by Catalonia and see what is to be seen with eyes that are e
Date: 26 Dec 2008 - 01 Mar 2009

Artist: Laurent Charbonnier and Philip Glass
500 days of shooting. 80 hours of rushes. 170 species filmed - 80 appear in the final cut. Temperatures ranging from - 30░C to + 50░C. 2 years of production over 16 countries.
Date: 04 Dec 2008 - 04 Feb 2009

Artist: Francis Ford Coppola (Writer/Director), Walter Murch (Re-recorder and Editor - Academy Award Winner), Osvaldo Golijov (Music) and Mihai Malaimare (Cinematography), Tim Roth, Alexandra Maria Lara, Bruno Ganz and Andre M. Hennicke.
On Easter Sunday, Dominic Matei (TIM ROTH) takes a train from his home in Piatra Neamt to Bucharest, arriving at the onset of a rainstorm. He intends to kill himself far from home by swallowing a lethal amount of strychnine, stashed in a blue envelope und
Date: 20 Nov 2008 - 21 Feb 2009

Artist: Jim Seibel (Executive Producer), Joel Shukovsky (Executive Producer), Bobby Sheng (Executive Producer), Jeff Abberley (Executive Producer), Julia Blackman (Executive Producer), James W. Skotchdopole (Executive Producer), Bob Berney (Executive Producer), Carolyn Blackwood (Executive Producer), Victoria Pearman (Producer), Mick Jagger (Producer), Bill Johnson (Producer), Diane English (Producer), Diane English (Writer/Director/Producer), Anastas Michos, ASC (Director of Photography), Tia Nolan (Editor), Mark Isham (Music), John Dunn (Costume Designer), Amanda Mackey, CSA and Cathy Sandrich Gelfond, CSA (Casting), Meg Ryan (Mary Haines), Annette Bening (Sylvie Fowler), Bette Midler (Leah "The Countess" Miller), Eva Mendes (Crystal Allen), Debra Messing (Edie Cohen), Jada Pinkett Smith (Alex Fisher), Candice Bergen (Catherine Frazier), Carrie Fisher (Bailey Smith), Cloris Leachman (Maggie), Debi Mazar (plays Tanya and who won the role in 1995), India Ennenga (Molly Haines), Jill Flint (Annie), Ana Gasteyer (Pat), Joanna Gleason (Barbara), Tilly Scott Pedersen (Uta), Lynn Whitfield (Glenda Hill), Natasha Alam (Natasha), Emily Seymour (April Cohen), Allison Seymour (April Cohen), Lauren Lefebvre (May Cohen), Lindsay Lefebvre (May Cohen), Isabella Panteledes (June Cohen), Olivia Panteledes (June Cohen), Madaleine Black (January Cohen), Meredith Black (January Cohen), Jana Robbins (Lingerie Sales Woman), Maya Ri Sanchez (Dora), Ruby Hondros (Jimmy Choo Wearer), Nicole Robinson (Make Over Lady), Danielle Perry (Salon Assistant), Lindsay Flathers (Taylor), Christy Scott Cashman (Jean), Celeste Olivia (Gilda), Denece Ryland (Cory), Allyssa Maurice (Sweet Woman), Jordan Schechter (Ashley), Marina Re (Helene), Stephanie Clayman (Admissions Nurse) and Maria Elena Ramirez (OB-GYN).
Based on George Cukor?s 1939 film and Clare Boothe Luce?s 1936 stage play, "THE WOMEN" whisks us into a busy pocket of Manhattan society, where the publishing, fashion and finance industries play. "It is definitely a comedy, but it's really about somethin
Date: 23 Oct 2008 - 23 Jan 2009

Artist: Nadine Labaki (Director), Yves Sehnaoui (Photography), Laure Gardette (Editing), Cynthia Zahar (Set Design), Pierre-Yves Lavou'e (Sound) and Khaled Mouzanar (Music), Nadine Labaki - Layale (salon Owner), Yasmine Al Masri (Nisrine), Joanna Moukarzel (Rima), Gisele Aouad (Jamale), Siham Fatmeh Safa (a namesless Shia Muslim woman), Aziza Semaan (Lili), Siham Haddad (Rose), Adel Karam (Youssef), Dimitri Stancofski (Charles), Fadia Stella (Christine) and Ismail Antar (Bassam).
"CARAMEL" is a lighthearted romp through the personal lives of a group of women in Beirut who are obsessed with appearance, at every level. It is as capable of demonstrating deep emotion as someone trying to smile after they've had Botox® and only strike
Date: 18 Sep 2008 - 18 Dec 2008

Artist: Dany Boon - Antoine, the Postman, Kad Merad - Philippe Abrams, the Post Office Manager, Zoe Felix - Julie, the P.O. Manager's Wife and Anne Marivin.
"WELCOME TO THE STICKS" is the most successful French film of all time, making over $200 million at the French Box Office and it will be released in Australia on 4 September. It is a film that pokes comfortable fun at parochialism and the ignorant people
Date: 04 Sep 2008 - 04 Dec 2008

Artist: Anthony Byrne (Director), Jean Pasley (Writer), Des Whelan (Director of Photography), {name} (Editor), Niall Byrne (Composer), Ray Cross (Sound Recordist), Vanessa Redgrave (Georgia Platts), Imelda Staunton (Hazel Nightingale), Brenda Fricker (Heather Nightingale), Hayley Atwell (Ellie Harris), Orla Brady (Kate Harris) and Joss Ackland (Donald Vanstone).
Contrary to popular opinion, "HOWABOUTYOU" is not about old age or old people. Anthony Byrne's simple and deft adaptation of Maeve Binchy's short story, "The Hardcore," adapted to a screen play by Jean Pasley is a feel good, "Irish" movie, with great, dra
Date: 24 Jul 2008 - 24 Nov 2008

Artist: Tadanobu Assano, Sergei Bodrov (Director), Sergey Trofimov (Cinematographer), Rogier Stoffers (Cinematographer), Zach Staenberg (Editor), Karen Lohr (Costume Designer).
Sergei Bodrov's biographical and entertaining drama of the early life of Temudgin who becomes Genghis Khan is compelling. Superbly caste and set from 1172 C.E., our nine-year-old hero " (Odnyam Odsuren): selects a wife, is imprisoned and beats the odds of
Date: 19 Jun 2008 - 30 Sep 2008

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