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Blue Mountains
Sport in Art in Sport

Artist: Frank Puletua
Frank Puletua has been a first grade footballer with the Rabbitohs' for two years. They discovered he could draw at a dinner put on by Russell Crowe at the end of a pre-season training camp in Coffs Harbour.
Date: 01 Jul 2006 - 30 Aug 2006

Artist: Tim Maslen and Jennifer Mehra
Tim Maslen and Jennifer Mehra belong to a new generation of experimental artists who are both extending the boundaries of contemporary art and at the same time questioning the assumptions that prevailed in the 1990s.
Date: 07 Feb 2006 - 18 Mar 2006

Artist: Colin Black
Sound Artist/Composer Colin Black wrote "Onax Pithonos" from the original ancient Greek text from the Chronicals of Orpheus.
Date: 01 Feb 2005 - 28 Feb 2005

Artist: Yanna Black, Colin Black and featuring Strictly Dancing's Lex Marinos
Soundprints are aural pictures, individually framed within the minutes and seconds of their durations.
Date: 23 Aug 2004 - 27 Aug 2004

Artist: Jonathon Webb USA, Maslen & Mehra Australia/UK, Michal Chelbin Israel, Marilene Oliver UK, Fereydoun Ave Iran, Tara Sosrowardoyo Indonesia, Sui Jianguo China, Per Wizen Sweden, Lars Siltberg Sweden, Genia Chef Russia, Olga Tobreluts Russia, Ivan Pinkava
The Exhibition is titled Gods Becoming Men,curated by Art Historian, Edward Lucie-Smith. It will take place at the Frissiras Museum in Athens during the Olympics.
Date: 13 Jul 2004 - 15 Sep 2004

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