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ARTNews is Australia's guides you to art galleries in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Perth and regional Australia. ARTNews Australia is a collection of Assisted Publishing Members who stage visual art exhibitions of: installations, paintings, drawings, works-on-paper and investment artworks in Australia and overseas. Some of our clients also stage performance, arts-based festivals.

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ARTNews is Australia's Art Marketplace. We also help you with Member's Web Sites and news items sorted by region and key word. You can also search our archive or use our list of key words (to your left) to locate the artist and art dealer you are searching for.

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glebepictureframes is proud to make the claim that we are the first carbon neutral picture framing business in Australia, if not, the world! We encourage other framers to follow our example. Read about how we do it below, and feel free to contact us with suggestion and/or citicisms!

glebepictureframes is Sydney�s specialist in the conservation framing of works on paper including photographs, screenprints, etchings, certificates, limited edition prints, drawings, linocuts, antique prints and maps, watercolours and paintings. We also frame works on canvas, provide a quality canvas stretching service, and offer wholesale rates for artists, students and galleries.

Signature of M will capture the spirit of Melbourne in a over a year of concept driven art competition ending with the wealthiest art prize in Australia.
ARTNews Cinema: click to view upcoming releases, reviews, pictures, movie and film distributors.

Australia's only full service gallery, United Galleries is unique in our ability to provide our clients with access to a team of dedicated art dealers able to source works from emerging to iconic artists on the primary and secondary markets.

After a two year association with ARTNews, Ken Done Designs has decided to sponsor ARTNews to maximise their presence on this very successful Web Site and so maximise the number of users that go to their online enterprise. Ken Done's presence on the very search-engine-friendly ARTNews, not only streamlines search engine traffic to but boosts our strength on search engines and in a positive feedback, the effect thence brings more traffic to pages published by The Ken Done Gallery.

Leica are part sponsors of the Sydney Visual Arts School Degree Show Presentations for 2003.

The production of the Sydney Arts Map in 2000 was proud to be supported by NAVA. Please click here to visit their Web Site.
Jan McCulloch, Director of the Art Almanac was kind enough to sponsor our first map of Sydney's Art Galleries in 2000. Opportunities exist for further collaboration between Art Almanac and ARTNews.

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