Beowulf Galleries & Bonsai Exotique

Contemporary, botanical & Asian-inspired art; contemporary artist in residence. Also Bonsai & exotic & potted plant specialists, providing full nursery care, repotting & styling services.

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23 Queens Street, Woollahra, 2025
Woollahra, 2025

About Bonsai
The term 'bonsai' is Japanese for 'tree on a tray'. This ancient horticultural art is believed to have originated over two thousand years ago, in China, and was brought to Japan some time after the 8th century CE by Buddhist monks. Throughout Asia today, bonsai is recognised as a serious, legitimate art form.
Bonsai should be thought of as ordinary trees living under extraordinary conditions, designed to shape and miniaturise them. Below is a bonsai fact sheet for further information.

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